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Current situation in Japan

Current situation (as of 00:00, 04/19)

(Day-on-day changes are indicated in parentheses)

  1. *1:Since the announcement made on May 8, 2020, the data source for domestic cases (excluding those related to charter flights) has been an accumulation of data published by the relevant municipalities on their websites. Before that, the data was an accumulation of individual records collected by the MHLW.
  2. *2:The number of new positive cases is calculated by accumulating the individual number of cases (including re-positive cases) that the municipalities release to the press. Consequently, this number may differ from the increase or decrease from the previous day's total.
  3. *3:Some municipalities count the number of tests conducted, which causes the figures to exceed the number of people tested. For municipalities that post the number of tests conducted on their websites, the day-to-day difference is calculated as the difference in the number of tests conducted. Some municipalities include the number of people who have taken the antigen test.
  4. *4:The MHLW calculated the figures by subtracting the number of people who required inpatient treatment, the number of people who were discharged from hospital, the number of people who were released from mandatory convalescence, and the number of deaths from the number of positive cases. Note that the totals may not match since some prefectures do not re-count patients who tested positive after being released from mandatory convalescence and were later readmitted to hospital.
  5. *5:Domestic cases do not include cases of airport quarantine, regardless of whether a municipality (the data source) may have enumerated such figures in their publications.

No. of positive cases


No. of people taken PCR tests


No. of people requiring inpatient treatment


No. of people who were discharged from hospital or released from mandatory convalescence (cumulative)


No. of deaths (cumulative)


No. of PCR tests conducted


No. of severely ill



Current global situation

COVID-19 infection situation by country/region (To website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs)