Open data

Trend in the number of newly confirmed cases (daily)

Trends in the number of case-patients requiring inpatient care

Number of deaths (cumulative)


No. of people who have taken the PCR test

  1. *1 The figures provided are from the reported date. Thus, they may differ from the figures currently published by data sources such as the websites of municipalities.
  2. *2 Since the announcement made on May 8, 2020, the data source for domestic cases (excluding those related to charter flights) has been an accumulation of data published by the relevant municipalities on their websites. Before that, the data was an accumulation of individual records collected by the MHLW.
  3. *3 Domestic cases do not include cases of airport quarantine, regardless of whether a municipality (the data source) may have enumerated such figures in their publications.
  4. *4 Some municipalities count the number of tests conducted, which causes the figures to exceed the number of people tested. For municipalities that post the number of tests conducted on their websites, the day-to-day difference is calculated as the difference in the number of tests conducted.
  5. *5 The number of people who have taken the PCR test is calculated as the difference compared to the cumulative number of people for the day before. Thus, due to an inspection of past data, the cumulative number of people up to the relevant day may be lower than that for the previous day. Cells are left blank in such cases.

No. of PCR tests conducted

  1. *1 The figures are provisional and may be updated.
  2. *2 Cases under investigation are left blank.
  3. *3 In terms of private test companies, the graph shows the data of those which mainly conduct administrative test. In addition, starting July 12, 2021, the data of private test companies which mainly conduct self-payment test are also included in the above open data.