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Japanese Border Measures

Every passenger entering Japan must submit a completed questionnaire, and a vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result. One's quarantine depends on the classification of the country or region of stay prior to one's arrival in Japan as well as one's vaccination status. The Japanese goverment can only approve vaccination certificates that indicate the use of vaccines which are approved in Japan. Those who are required to isolate must submit  a written pledge to complete follow-up health checks.

Pre-registration of MySOS Web or MySOS App is required in order to enter Japan. Click on the link above for details.

Country or region of your stay before arrival Valid vaccination certificate Quarantine
Pre-departure test On-arrival test Isolation


with not required - -
without required


with not required - -
without required required 3days at home *1

凡例 RED

with not required required 3days at home *1
without required required 3days at facility *2
  • *1Your isolation will be terminated if voluntary-test is negative during home quarantine. You will be required quarantine for 5 days if you do not take the test.
  • *2Your isolation will be terminated if Covid-19 test is negative on the third day of isolation at the facility.

Regardless of the aforementioned measures, those entering Japan must yield to any additional instructions from the quarantine stations regarding COVID-19 testing at the port of entry and isolation (including isolation at home). Furthermore, those who test positive will be required to isolate in a quarantine facility that has been designated by the head of the quarantine station. The period of isolation cannot be shortened for such cases.




Note for All Visitors to Japan

Due to the increase in the number of passengers entering Japan, quarantine procedures at airports are taking time depending on the time of arrival. For those arriving later in the evening, please plan well in advance by making reservations for lodging near the airport.

Thank you for your understanding of quarantine operations.
※Any costs incurred due to quarantine procedures after flight arrival are the responsibility of the passenger.

Please cooperate to follow the rules which preventing spread of infection during your quarantine period after entering Japan.

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