Japanese Border Measures and Restrictions

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Fast Track

Reduce your time for quarantine procedures in the airport! You need to complete the pre-application via "MySOS" app at least 6 hours prior to your flight scheduled arrival time. Please register your required documents with "MySOS" app, and the screen will change to green after documentation review is complete.

Fast Track is available for those entering from Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport,Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Fukuoka Airport. Pre-register now in Japanese, English, Chinese ,Vietnamese and Indonesian.


What to need before and after entery into Japan

1. Before departure

- Inspection Certificate (Within 72 hours of departure) 【※1】
- Pledge (If you are required to stay at a facility designated by the Quarantine Station)【※2】

2. Immigration in Japan

- Inspection Certificate (within 72 hours of departure) 【※1】
- Written Pledge (If you are required to stay at a facility designated by the Quarantine Station)【※2】
- QR code from Questionnaire【※3】

○Install and set up the required apps to your device (smartphone)【※4】

○COVID-19 test【※5】

3.After arrival

Self-quarantine at your home or facility designated by quarantine station (if necessary)【※6】


【1】Inspection certificate

All entrants must provide a certificate of inspection within 72 hours prior to departure. If you are unable to present the certificate, you will not be allowed to land in Japan based on the Quarantine Law. Learn more

-Requirements for Certificate of Testing for Entering Japan
-Q&A in English

-Format: にほんご・EnglishArabicIndonesianUrduKoreanSpanishThaiGermanyFrenchVietnamesePersianPortugueseRussianUkrainianDutchChineseItalian



If you are required to stay at a facility designated by the Quarantine Station, fill in and submit a following Pledge which you can understand.
日本語EnglishChinese (Simplified)/中文(简体)Chinese (traditional)/中文(繁體)French・FrançaisIndonesian/bahasa IndonesiaItalian/ItalianoKorean/한국어Portuguese/PortuguêsRussian/РусскийSpanish/españolTagalog/TagalogThai/ไทยVietnamese/Tiếng Việt

You are required to install a contact confirmation application and stay at home or facility during your quarantine period. If you don't follow the pledge, you may be subject to the following based on the Quarantine Law.
(1) If you are Japanese, your name and information may be publicized.
(2) If you are a resident status holder, your name, nationality, and information may be publicized. You may also be subject to revocation of your status of residence and deportation proceedings. Learn more (in Japanese).



Fill in the questionnaire from the Web and save the issued QR code.

Languages: 日本語・ENGLISH・中文(繁體)・中文(简体)・한국어・Tiếng Việt・Tagalog・Bahasa Indonesia・ภาษาไทย・Português・Español

Contact information such as email address and phone number will be confirmed at the time of quarantine for health follow-up during your quarantine period after entry.



Download the following apps.
1. MySOS : Application for reporting your location. User Guide in English / in Chinese

You need to have a smartphone that can use the necessary applications. Make sure to rent a smartphone at your expense if you do not have it.


【5】COVID-19 Test at the Airport Quarantine

If you test COVID-19 positive at the airport quarantine, you will need to follow directions of the Chief of the Quarantine Station and recuperate at a specific facility designated by the Chief of the Quarantine Station. In this situation, the quarantine period cannot be shortened.

If you are tested POSITIVE WITH symptoms,
-You may leave if symptoms improve from the date of onset and 72 hours after symptom relief.
-If symptoms improve before 10 days from the date of onset:You may leave a facility if PCR test or antigen test is negative 24 hours after symptom resolution, and negative for another 24 hours after that.

If you are tested POSITIVE WITHOUT symptoms,
You may leave on the 8th day if 7 days have passed from the date of specimen collection.

If you are designated as a close contact, the Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants will notify the cross-border travelers and returnees through "MySOS" app. If you are a close contact person, 7-day quarantine at home will be required.



You must self isolate at your accommodations (home or registered location of isolation), and report your location and health condition daily as pledged. Please read Requirements During Designated Quarantine Period.

■Designated countries/regions:
-Booster unvaccinated: 3 days self-quarantine at the facilities designated by the quarantine station + COVID-19 test negative.
-Booster vaccinated: 3 days self-quarantine at your home + COVID-19 test negative. or 7 days self-quarantine without COVID-19 test.
【Designated countries/regions in response to coronavirus variant Omicron (B.1.1.529) 】

■Non Designated countries/regions:
-Booster unvaccinated: 3 days self-quarantine at your home +COVID-19 test negative or 7 days self-quarantine without COVID-19 test.
-Booster vaccinated: Not required any self-quarantine.
  Booster Quarantine
Designated country/region × 3-day facility quarantine (+ negative self-COVID-19 test result at a facility)
3-day home quarantine + a negative result of a voluntary test
(7-day quarantine without a test)
Non-designated country/region ×
No quarantine required

【Valid vaccine for certification】
-1st and 2nd dose: Comirnaty/Pfizer, Vaxzevria/AstraZeneca, COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna/Moderna,  Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine/Janssen, COVAXIN/Bharat Biotech, Nuvaxovid/Novavax.
-3rd dose: Comirnaty/Pfizer, COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna/Moderna, Nuvaxovid/Novavax.
Learn more on quarantine updates and vaccination certificate (in Japanese )



English  | 常见问题

-Q&A on the New Measures for Border Enforcement (27) (As of 21st April)



-Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) / Ministry of Foreign Affaires
-Regarding denial of landing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 / Immigration Service Agency of Japan
-Important notice regarding border measures (in Japanese)/ Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
-COVID-19 Disease / WHO