Border Control Measures

Return to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important Notice

In order to enter Japan, regardless of nationality, you will need to do the following

-Submission of inspection certificate
You are required to present a certificate of inspection within 72 hours prior to departure.
After March 19, 2021, if you are unable to present the certificate, you will not be allowed to land in Japan based on the Quarantine Law.

-Submission of a written pledge
You will be asked to pledge not to use public transportation for 14 days, to stay at home or in accommodation, to save and present your location information, and to install a contact confirmation application etc.. If you are unable to submit this pledge, you will be asked to wait at an accommodation facility secured by the quarantine station. If you violate the pledge, in addition to being subject to suspension measures based on the Quarantine Law, you may be subject to the following
(1)If you are Japanese, your name and information that may contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection may be publicized. 
(2)If you are a resident status holder, your name, nationality, and information that may contribute to the prevention of the spread of infection may be publicized. You may also be subject to revocation of your status of residence and deportation proceedings.

-Regulations on Mandatory 14-Day Isolation
In order to carry out the pledges in the written pledge, you need to have a smartphone that can use the necessary applications (e.g., showing location information). If you do not own a smartphone or if you own a smartphone that does not allow the installation of necessary apps, please rent a smartphone at the airport at your expense upon arriving in Japan.

-Submission of Questionnaire
Contact information such as email address and phone number will be confirmed at the time of quarantine for health follow-up during the first 14 days after entry.


Submission of Inspection Certificate

In light of the increasing number of infections caused by the infection of new variant of coronavirus overseas, the Government of Japan has decided to further strengthen its boarder measures, and as part of these measures, the following measures will be taken.

■ All entrants must provide a certificate of inspection within 72 hours prior to departure.
■ If you are unable to submit a valid certificate of inspection, you will not be allowed to enter in Japan based on the Quarantine Law.

・In the country of departure, if you do not have a inspection certificate before boarding, you will be denied boarding the aircraft.
・In cases where it is difficult or truly unavoidable to obtain an inspection certificate, please consult with the diplomatic mission abroad.
・This measure will be implemented for those who enter Japan on or after March 19, 2021.

1.Inspection certificates are valid only if they meet the following conditions

Within 72 hours from the date of sample collection to the departure time of the flight.

Conditions to be included in the inspection certificate.

In principle, use the prescribed format.
English prescribed format ;
For more information and other language format, please refer to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website;

・If you cannot use the prescribed format due to circumstances, you may use arbitrary format.
・If you are using arbitrary format, the following conditions must be included in the inspection certificate.
1)Name, Passport number, Nationality, Date of birth, Sex
2)Testing method for COVID-19, Sample (Limited to 2 and 3 below)
3)Result, Specimen collection date and time, Test result date, Date of issue
4)Name of medical institution , Address of medical institution, Signature by doctor, An imprint of a seal
5)All items must  be  written in English.

2.The test method is valid only for one of the following

【NucleiNucleic Acid Amplification Test】
・real time RT-PCR/Real time reverse transcription PCR
・LAMP/Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification
・TMA/Transcription Mediated Amplification
・TRC/Transcription Reverse-transcription Concerted reaction
・Smart Amp/Smart Amplification process
・NEAR/Nicking Enzyme Amplification Reaction

・Next Generation Sequence
・Quantitative Antigen Test(CLEIA)
※ Not a qualitative antigen test

3.Sample collection method is valid only for one of the following

・Nasopharyngeal Swab


Submission of Written Pledge

If you have stayed in the specific countries and regions within the last 14 days , the following measures are required by quarantine of Japan.

For more information,

Written Pledge (individual),


Regulations on Mandatory 14-Day Isolation

【14 Day period after entry】
・Isolate yourself at your accommodation (registered location of isolation) or home, and do NOT come into physical contact with others.
・Report your location and health condition daily as pledged.

【During your stay】
Practice precaution against infection: Use mask, sanitize hands/fingers, avoid the “3Cs” (closed space, crowd, close contact).
※During your isolation, Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants (HCO) will conduct follow up.
※If you develop any health issue , contact the local Public Health Office.
※To comply with the infection control and regulations, you MUST set up and use the app below.

Daily (for 14 days) / Your Actions

1. Reporting Your Location with Overseas Entrants Locator (OEL) App

1)Log In Registration for the use of app
After installation, set up the app for the first use by referring to the email with usage guide which will be sent to you by the next day after your entry to Japan.

2)Check In Reporting the Location of Isolation)
Check in the app upon arriving at the location of isolation for 14 day period.

3)”I’m Here!” button Response to Location Inquiry
You will receive a notice to confirm your location multiple times daily
→Tap on the “I’m Here!” button to report/confirm your location.

2.Reporting Your Health Condition(email/website)

You will receive email to check on your health condition once a day
→Follow the prompt in the email and report your health condition from the URL link

※Warning: If you fail to confirm your location, inspection will be initiated and your name may be subjected to public disclosure.

At Any Given Time / By Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants (HCO)

3.Confirming Your Location by Video Call App ( MySOS ,etc,)

1)Log In (Registration)
Install the app from a designated QR code link and set up for the initial use.

2)Answering Video Calls
Answer incoming video calls from HCO to verify your stay at the registered location of isolation.

※Warning: You MUST answer incoming HCO communications


4. Settings for saving location records in smartphone
Settings to present saved location information to health centers when you become positive.

5. Use of COCOA/ Covid Contact Confirming App
Application that you can be notified about the possibility of contact with a positive person.

For more information,


Submission of Questionnaire

At the quarantine, contact information such as email address and phone number will be confirmed at the time of quarantine for health follow-up during the first 14 days after the etry. Please write correct contact information that can be used by the applicant can use in Japan.
 【Notes on the Questionnaire】
Please fill in the questionnaire from the website below before your arrival. Save the issued QR code and show it to the quarantine officer when you enter to Japan.