Distribution of cloth masks to all households Q&A

Distribution of cloth masks to all households Q&A


Q1. What is the reason for distributing cloth masks to all households?
Why is it two units per household?

A. The shortage of masks at retailers continues. We have secured approximately 100 million mask units and are going to consistently and rapidly distribute 2 units per household, to all 50 million households across the country, utilizing the Japan Post network.

Q2. What do we do if 2 cloth masks cannot cover the entire household?

A.  We are going to additionally distribute masks to schools, nursing homes, and other facilities by the middle of April. We are considering other countermeasures to support households if these extra units aren’t sufficient.

Q3. What is a benefit of distributing cloth masks?

A.  Cloth masks are effective at preventing the spread of viruses into the air, which helps protect others. Wearing masks is also effective at preventing people from touching their noses or mouths, preventing viral infections from occurring. It also helps to maintain moisture in the nose and throat which will help people avoid influenza infection to some extent.
Cloth masks are washable and therefore reusable and their use will help mitigate national concerns related to the shortage of masks.

Q4. How will the masks be delivered? Will they be delivered in person?

A.  Japan Post will distribute 2 units per household to all households across the country through postal services and not in person.

Q5. When will the cloth masks be delivered?

A.  We are going to start to distribute them from the week of Apr 12th. We will prioritize shipment to prefectures based on numbers of cases. The government is considering publishing estimated delivery date notices on a prefecture-by-prefecture basis.

Q6. Which prefectures will receive masks first?

A.  We prioritize shipment to prefectures based on numbers of cases. Specific prefectures and priorities will be considered shortly, taking into account the latest situation of infections and cases.

Q7. How often can we reuse the cloth masks?

A.  We have confirmed that the cloth makes are durable and maintain their quality after washing. Masks could shrink slightly after washing, but this does not compromise their quality.

Q8. How often should the masks be washed?

A.  We recommend washing them once a day. If they get dirty or are exposed to unsanitary conditions, please wash them.

If you have further questions, please contact the center below.
Call center for cloth mask distribution
0120-551-299 (Operating Hours: 9am to 6pm, every day