11 things you need to know NOW about COVID-19

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11 things to know

Number of cases and virulence of COVID-19
1.How many people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Japan?
2.How many people become very sick or die after being diagnosed with COVID-19?
3.Who is at higher risk for developing severe COVID-19 illnesses ?
4.Is the number of individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 higher in Japan than in other countries?

Infectivity of COVID-19
5.How long does a person with COVID-19 remain infectious?
6.Does everyone with COVID-19 infect others?
7.What precautions should we take to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Testing and Treatment for COVID-19
8.What tests are being used to diagnose COVID-19?
9.What are the treatment options for COVID-19?
10.What is the COVID-19 vaccine? How does the vaccination rollout work ?

Variants of COVID-19
11.What is known about the COVID 19 variants?


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