Health Certificate for Oysters for raw consumption and Pufferfish

Starting 1 June 2020, oysters for raw consumption and pufferfish (fugu) imported to Japan for sale or business use must be accompanied by a health certificate issued by the competent authority of the exporting country. This is based on Article 11.2 of the Food Sanitation Act and Article 11-2.2 of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act.
Pufferfish allowed for import is limited to those unprocessed or eviscerated with removal of guts only, to enable identification of the fish species.

1. Eligible countries and the format

  • Pufferfish
Format1(limited to live fish)
Format 2 (excluding live fish)
  • Oysters for raw consumption
  New Zealand
 USA (Limited to Washington State)
 Format 1
 Format 2

< As of 15 October 2020 >

2. Related Information


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