Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

2. Health and Medical Services   (2)保健医療

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01 Outline of Health Care Insurance System 26 医療保険制度の概要
02 Providing High Cost Long-Term Care Unitary Medical Care Benefit Begins (Enforced in April 2008, started providing successively from August 2009) 27 高額介護合算療養費の支給開始(平成20年4月施行、平成21年8月より順次支給開始)
03 Operation of long life medical care system
(medical care system for elderly in the latter stage of life) (FY 2009)
28 長寿医療制度(後期高齢者医療制度)の運営の仕組み(平成20年度)
04 Insurance reduction of long life medical care (FY 2009) 28 長寿医療制度の保険料軽減(平成21年度)
05 Medium and Long-Term Medical Care Expenditure Regulation Plan 29 中長期的な医療費適正化方策
06 Plan provided based on Regulation of Act on Assurance of Medical Care for Elderly People Article 8, Paragraph (1) (Outline) 30 「高齢者の医療の確保に関する法律第8条第1項の規定に基づき定める計画」(概要)
07 Specific Health Checkups and Specific Health Guidance 31 特定検診・特定保健指導について
08 Efforts to Shorten Average Length of Stay 32 平均在院日数短縮に向けた取組
09 Conceptual Chart of Insured Medical Treatment 33 保険診療の概念図
10 Example of Medical Fee Points 33 診療報酬点数の例
11 Outline of FY 2008 Revision of Medical Fee 34 平成20年度診療報酬改定の概要
12 Same as above 35 同上
13 Same as above 36 同上
14 Public Incorporation of Government-Managed Health Insurance 37 政府管掌健康保険の公法人化について
15 Outline of Public Incorporation of Government-Managed Health Insurance 38 政管健保の公益法人化の概要
16 Image of Establishment of Each Prefectural Insurance Premium Rate of National Health Insurance Association-Managed Health Insurance 39 全国健康保険協会管掌健康保険の都道府県単位保健料率の設定のイメージ
17 Changes in Medical Care Expenditure
Year-on-Year Increase of National Medical Care Expenditure (%)
40 医療費の動向
18 National Medical Care Expenditure for OECD Countries (2006) 41 OECD加盟国の医療費の状況(2006年)
19 Structure of National Medical Care Expenditure (FY 2006) 41 国民医療費の構造(平成18年度)
20 Changes in National Medical Care Expenditure and Component Ratio 42 国民医療費及び構成割合の推移
21 Changes in Medical Care Expenditure for the Aged 43 老人医療費の推移
22 Status of the Finance of the Health Insurance System (FY 2006) 44 医療保険制度の財政状況(2006(平成18)年度決算)
23 Same as above 44 同上
24 Ratio of the Medical Care Expenditure Borne by the National Treasury
to the National Government's General Expenditure
44 国の一般歳出に占める医療費国庫負担額の割合
25 Overview of the Law to Amend the Medical Care Law in Establishing a System that Provides High Quality Medical Care (revised in 2006) 45 良質な医療を提供する体制の確立を図るための医療法等の一部を改正する法律の概要(平成18年改正)
26 Types of Medical Institutions 46 医療施設の類型
27 Special Functioning Hospitals 47 特定機能病院
28 Regional Medical Care Support Hospitals (since 1997) 47 地域医療支援病院(平成9年~)
29 Revision of Bed Classification 48 病床区分に係る改正の経緯
30 Changes in the Number of Medical Institutions (hospitals and clinics) 49 医療施設(病院・診療所)数の推移
31 Changes in the Number of Hospitals by the Establisher and by the Number of Beds 49 開設者別病院数及び病床規模別病院数の推移
32 Changes in the Number of Hospitals by Hospital Type 50 病院種別病院数の推移
33 Changes in the Number of Beds by Bed Type and Number of Beds per Hospital 50 病床種別病床数及び一病院当たり病床数の推移
34 Changes in Bed Utilization Rate and Average Length of Stay by Bed Type 50 病床種別病床利用率及び平均在院日数の推移
35 State of National Center for Advanced and Specialized Medical Care and National Hansen's Disease Sanatorium 51 国立高度専門医療センター及び国立ハンセン病療養所の現状等
36 Overview of the Number of Doctors, etc. 52 医師数等の概要
37 Changes in the Number of Doctors 53 医師数の推移
38 Changes in the Number of Dentists 53 歯科医師数の推移
39 Changes in the Number of Pharmacists 53 薬剤師数の推移
40 Changes in the Number of Nurses 54 看護職員数の推移
41 The 6th Projection of Estimated Supply and Demand for Nursing Personnel 54 第六次看護職員需給見通し
42 Regional Conforming Rates 55 地域別適合率
43 Nationwide Achievement Status 55 全国の充足状況
44 Creation of a System to Provide Information on Medical Functions 56 医療機能情報の提供制度の創設
45 Provide explanation by documents at the time hospitalization (the Medical Care Law) (revised in FY 2006) 56 入退院時の文書による説明の位置付け(医療法)(平成18年改正)
46 Expand Matters that can be Advertised through Revision of Advertisement Regulations (the Medical Care Law) 57 広告規制の見直しによる広告可能な事項の拡大(医療法)
47 Overview of Medical Care Plan 58 医療計画の概要
48 Standard Number of Beds in Prefectural Medical Care Plans and Number of Existing Beds 59 都道府県別医療計画における基準病床数及び既存病床数の状況
49 Structural Chart of Emergency Medical Service 60 救急医療体系図
50 Structural Chart of the 10th Measures for Health and Medical Services in Remote Areas (since FY 2006) 61 第10次 へき地保健医療対策の鳥瞰図(平成18年度から)
51 Current Status of Measures for Health and Medical Services in Remote Areas 61 へき地保健医療対策の現状
52 Major Points of New Comprehensive Measures for Securing Doctors 62 新医師確保総合対策のポイント
53 Emergency measures to secure doctors 63 緊急医師確保対策について
54 Medical Safety Measures 64 医療安全対策
55 History of Clinical Resident Training System
Overview of Clinical Resident Training System
65 臨床研修制度に関する経緯
56 Outline of System Reform
Re-education Training of Administratively Punished Doctors, etc. (the Medical Practitioners Law, etc.)
66 制度見直しの概要
57 Transfer of Non-profit Medical Corporation System with the Revised Medical Care Law 67 改正医療法に伴う医療法人の移行
58 Activities of Health Centers 68 保健所の活動
59 Changes in the Number of Health Centers 69 保健所数の推移
60 Medical Personnel at Health Centers 69 保健所の職種別常勤職員数
61 Changes in the Number of Public Health Nurses 69 保健師数の推移
62 Changes in National Health Promotion Measures 70 健康づくり対策の変遷
63 Overview of the Health Promotion Law 71 健康増進法の概要
64,65 Outline of Results from 2007 National Health and Nutrition Survey 71-72 平成19年 国民健康・栄養調査結果の概要について
66 Status of formulating health promotion plans in prefectures /municipalities 73 全国の自治体における健康増進計画の策定状況
67 Number of Patients/Deaths Related to Lifestyle Diseases 74 生活習慣病に関する患者数、死亡数
68 Estimated Numbers Related to Diabetes 74 糖尿病に関する推計
69 Status of Patients and Those Having a High Risk of Contracting Metabolic Syndrome (Visceral Fat Syndrome) 75 メタボリックシンドローム(内臓脂肪症候群)該当者・予備群の状況
70 Status of Exercise Habits 75 運動習慣の状況
71 Changes in the Distribution of the Fat Energy Ratio (20 or Older) 76 脂肪エネルギー比率の分布の推移(20歳以上)
72 Average Intake of Vegetables, etc. (20 or Older, by Sex/Age) 76 野菜類摂取量の平均値(20歳以上、性・年齢階級別)
73 Percentage of People who Skip Breakfast (1 or Older, by Sex/Age) 77 朝食の欠食率
74 Status of Smoking Rate 77 喫煙率の状況
75 8020 (Eighty-Twenty) Campaign
Changes in Percentage of People Having 20 or More Teeth of Their Own by Age Group
78 8020(ハチマル・ニイマル)運動
76 Future Direction of the "3rd-term Comprehensive 10-year Cancer Control Strategy" 79 「第3次対がん10か年総合戦略」における今後の方向
77 Overview of the “Cancer Control Act” 80 がん対策基本法の概要
78 Overview of the Basic Plan to Promote Cancer Control Programs 81 がん対策推進基本計画の概要
79 Overview of Cancer Control 82 がん対策の概要
80 Statistics Related to Cancer 83 がんに関する統計
81 Overview of Measures against Intractable Diseases 84 難病対策の概要
82 Number of Recipient Certificates Issued for Specific Disease Treatment 85 特定疾患治療受給者証交付件数
83 Summary of the Law Regarding Infectious Disease Prevention and Medical Care for the Patients 86 感染症の予防及び感染症の患者に対する医療に関する法律の概要
84 Same as above 87 同上
85 Subject Diseases and Subject People of Regular Vaccination 88 定期の予防接種の対象疾病及び対象者
86 Benefits Type and Amount of Relief System for Injury to Health with Vaccination 88 予防接種健康被害救済制度の給付の種類と額
87 Overview of Prevention Measures against 89 結核予防対策の概要
88 Changes in the Number of Newly Registered Tuberculosis Patients, Prevalence Rate, and the Number of Deaths 89 結核新登録患者数、罹患率、死亡数の推移
89 Prevalence Rate of Tuberculosis by Prefectures (As of the End of 2008) 90 結核羅患率の都道府県別主な順位
90 International Comparison of Prevalence Rate of Tuberculosis 90 結核羅患率の国際比較
91 Overview of Measures for AIDS Control 91 エイズ対策の概要
92 Overview of Guidelines for AIDS Prevention 92 エイズ予防指針の概要
93 Changes in the Number of HIV Carriers and AIDS Patients by Nationality and Sex 93 HIV感染者及びAIDS患者の国籍、性別推移
94 AIDS Patients in the Worlds (as of the end of 2007, UNAIDS / WHO report) 93 世界のエイズ患者の状況(2007年末現在、UNAIDS/WHO報告)
95 Countermeasures against Novel Influenza A 94 新型インフルエンザ対策
96 Outbreak Situation of Novel Influenza (A/H1N1) 94 新型インフルエンザ(A/H1N1)発生状況
97 Organ Transplantation Network System Diagram 95 臓器移植ネットワーク体系図
98 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation System 95 造血幹細胞移植体制
99 Accumulated number of Organ Transplantations 96 臓器移植の累計件数
100 Changes in Numbers of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Practiced 96 造血幹細胞移植の実施件数の推移
101 Classification of Examinations for the Approval of Drugs, etc. 97 医薬品等の承認審査の分類
102 Flow of Examination for the Approval of New Drugs 97 新医薬品の承認審査の仕組み
103 Number of Approvals for Marketing Drugs, etc. 98 医薬品等の製造販売業許可数
104 Number of Approvals for Manufacturing/Import/Marketing Drugs, etc. (2008) 98 医薬品等の製造・輸入・製造販売の承認の実績(平成19年)
105 Number of Approvals for Manufacturing Drugs, etc. 98 医薬品等の製造業許可数
106 Classification of Examination for the Approval of Medical Devices 99 医療機器の承認審査の仕組み
107 Number of Approvals for Marketing Medical Devices 99 医療機器の製造販売業許可数
109 Number of Approvals for Manufacturing, Import, and Marketing Medical Devices (2007) 99 医療機器の製造・輸入・製造販売の承認の実績(平成19年)
110 Number of Approvals for Manufacturing Medical Devices 99 医療機器の製造業等許可数
111 Structure of Postmarketing Safety Measures for Drugs
Flow of Postmarketing Survey and Reexamination/Reevaluation of Drugs
Outline of the Adverse Drug Reaction, etc. Reporting System
100 医薬品の製造販売後の安全対策の仕組み
112 Results of Prescription Drug Reexamination 101 医療用医薬品再審査結果一覧表
113 Results of Prescription Drug Reevaluation 101 医療用医薬品再評価結果一覧表
114 Changes in the Number of Reports on Adverse Drug Reaction, etc. in the Past 5 Years 101 最近5年間の医薬品の副作用等報告件数の推移
115 Changes in the Number of Reports on Medical Device Malfunction, etc. in the Past 5 Years 101 最近5年間の医療機器の不具合等報告件数の推移
116 The Relief System for Sufferers from Adverse Drug Reactions, etc. 102 [医薬品副作用被害救済制度]他
117 Changes in the Status of Adverse Drug Reaction Relief (as of the end of each FY) 102 医薬品副作用被害救済給付状況の推移(各年度末現在)
118 Process and Period of New Drug Development 103 新薬開発の過程と期間
119 Schematic Chart on Research and Development of Drugs 103 医薬品の研究開発の概念図
120 Breakdown of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers by Size 103 医薬品製造販売業等の規模別内訳
121 Overview of the Five-Year Strategy for Creation of Innovative Drugs/Medical Devic 104 革新的医薬品・医療機器創出のための5か年戦略の概要
122-1 Amount of Production, etc. of Medical Devices 105 医療機器の生産額等
122-2 Amount of Production by Medical Device Type 105 医療機器分類別生産金額
124 The System of Separation of Dispensing and Prescribing Drugs 106 医薬分業の体制
125 Changes in the Number of Pharmacies and Prescriptions 106 薬局数及び処方せん枚数の推移
126 Blood Products, etc.  107 [血液製剤]他
127 Change in the number of blood donors
Changes in the Number of Blood Donors and Donated Blood Volume
107 献血者の推移
128 Health Risk Management System Diagram 108 厚生労働省健康危機管理体制の体系のイメージ図

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