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The Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax

Announcement on the current status of Japan's Social Security System and deliberations on the policies for the social security reform Cabinet Secretariat

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Sep 21
Sep 20
Sep 19
  • Summary Report of Survey on Labour Economy Trend, Aug 2018 (Japanese)
Sep 7
Sep 7
Sep 7
Aug 31
Aug 30
Aug 28
Aug 23
Aug 22
Aug 20
Aug 10
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Jul 31
  • Report of research on code of conduct for medical students carrying out medical practices on clinical training (Japanese)
  • Status of inspection cases and cases sent to Public Prosecutor's Office with regard to workplaces employing work-related car drivers in 2017. (Japanese)
  • The Second Expert Meeting on Prevention of Fall Accidents in Construction Industry (Japanese)
  • The 1st unofficial announcement of the funds for securing comprehensive medical and long-term care in local communities (for long term care) in FY2018 (Japanese)
  • Status on the authorization of "Re-Employment Assistance Plans" (Q1 FY2018 (Apr.-Jun.) (Japanese)
  • Employment referrals for general workers June 2018 (English)(Japanese)
Jul 30
  • Basic Survey of Gender Equality in Employment Management in FY2017(Final Report) (Japanese)
Jul 27
  • Contract between the MHLW and SAY Planning Corporation (Japanese)
  • Report on the Expert Meeting to Discuss How to Respond to Increasing Demand for After-school Programs (Japanese)
  • Report from the Expert Committee to Discuss How to Respond to Increasing Demand for After-school Programs, Social Security Council (Japanese)
  • The status of measures taken in relation to the Survey on the Post-War Forced Internees (FY2017) (Japanese)
  • Results of a follow-up survey on technical interns who returned to their country have been published. (Japanese)
  • The administration status of "trade skills tests" in FY2017 has been published. (Japanese)
  • The 12th expert committee meeting for the promotion of the national health campaign, Healthy Japan 21(second stage), to be held. (Japanese)
  • The government has designated the torrential rain that wreaked havoc in western Japan between May 20th and July 10th as a disaster of extreme severity and issued special provisions for employment insurance (Japanese)
Jul 26
Jul 25
  • Additional special measures taken for Employment Adjustment Grants in response to the torrential rain that hit western Japan in July 2018. (Japanese)
  • Basic Survey on Wage Structure (Japanese)
  • Basic Survey on Wage Structure (English)
  • Schedule of Releases (English)
  • Structure Ordinary Workers Data (English)
  • Part-time Workers Data (English)
Jul 24
  • The First Committee Meeting on Support for Women Facing Difficulties to be held (Japanese)
  • "Outline for Measures to Prevent Karoshi, etc." revised by the Cabinet on July 24th. (Japanese)
Jul 23
  • Overseas business trips of Mr. Kato, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare (Japanese)
  • Alert for dangerous drugs containing narcotics and "Shitei Yakubutsu (Designated Substances)"(Japanese)
  • Final Report of Monthly Labour Survey May 2018 (English)(Japanese)
Jul 20
  • Abridged Life Tables For Japan 2017 (Japanese)
  • Release of results of the 2017 Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions and correction to the 2016 survey results. (Japanese)
  • Decision on emergency comprehensive policy to strengthen child abuse prevention measures (Japanese)
  • Monthly Vital Statistics Report (Preliminary data), Feb. 2018(Japanese)
  • Prompt Vital Statistics Report, May 2018 (Japanese)
  • The Interim report on how maternal and child health information should be used in the era of Data Health is released.(Japanese)
  • An unofficial decision is made that Tokyo will host the 59th National Skills Competition and the 41st Abilympics in FY 2021.(Japanese)
Jul 19
  • The 3rd Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Medical Products and a bilateral meeting held~Cooperation with Korean pharmaceutical regulatory authorities strengthened~ (Japanese)
  • Free protective equipment will be distributed to those helping recovery efforts in the areas affected by the torrential rains that hit western Japan in July 2018. The purpose is to keep them safe while joining the efforts. (Japanese)
  • Report on the current status of non-registered day-care facilities in FY2016 (Japanese)
  • "13th Youth Skills Competition" to open (Main venue: Ishikawa Prefecture) (Japanese)
  • Ministerial meeting on child abuse prevention measures to be held (Japanese)
  • Punishments of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare personnel involved in the improper comparison of data concerning Japan's discretionary labor system and other wrongdoing. (Japanese)
Jul 18
  • The EU and Japan have expanded the mutual recognition agreement on good manufacturing practice (GMP) to include a wider range of l pharmaceutical products. (Japanese)
  • Status report on Long-term Care Insurance (Provisional) (Japanese)
  • The status of occurrence of occupational accidents in 2017 (Apr. 2018) (Japanese)
  • Dynamic Survey of Medical Institutions (Preliminary data), Apr. 2018 (Japanese)
  • Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake
Jul 17
  • The amounts of the daily basic allowances of employment insurance to be changed (Japanese)
  • Simplify procedures required for employers applying industrial accident insurance for several fixed-term projects ~The revised ministerial order to be in effect on April 1, 2019 ~(Japanese)
  • Special measures taken for Employment Adjustment Grants in response to the torrential rains that hit western Japan in July 2018. (Japanese)