Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax

Announcement on the current status of Japan's Social Security System and deliberations on the policies for the social security reform Cabinet Secretariat

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Oct 12
Oct 5
  • Provisional Report of Monthly Labour Survey August 2018 (English)(Japanese)
Sep 28
  • Employment referrals for general workers August 2018 (English)(Japanese)
  • "White Paper on Labour Economy 2018 (Analysis of Labour Economy)~The theme of the analysis is "Human Resource Development to meet diversifying working style."~ (Japanese)
  • Report on Social Welfare Administration and Services (Preliminary Data), Jul. 2018 (Japanese)
  • Monthly Report on the Statistics of Production by Pharmaceutical Industry (January 2018) (Japanese)
  • Custom-Made Aggregation and  provision of anonymized data(Japanese)
  • Drug abuse prevention campaign to be launched (Japanese)
  • Release of results of the "Survey on Progress of Informatization of Pharmaceutical Products for Medical Use" (Japanese)
  • Release of results of the "Survey on Progress of Informatization of Medical Devices" (Japanese)
  • The Hokkaido labor bureau and other organizations distribute personal safety equipment for free to those involved in relief efforts from the earthquake that hit the eastern part of Hokkaido on Sep. 6. (Japanese)
  • The MHLW has resumed collecting the remains of Japanese war dead in Philippines. (Japanese)
  • October is the month to raise awareness for organ transplants and promote organ donation (Japanese)
  • Overview of the Survey of Regional Child Welfare Services in 2015 (Japanese)
Sep 27
  • The " Workplace Information Website" will be available for the public. (Japanese)
  • "Ikumen Enterprise Award 2018"/"Ikuboss Award 2018" honor winners at the Symposium on Promotion of Ikumen on Oct. 18th (Japanese)
  • Major changes in health, labor and welfare systems(Oct. 2018) (Japanese)
Sep 26
  • The second-stage implementation plan for the fund for improving health and hygiene facilities, etc. in FY2018 (Japanese)
  • Administrative disciplinary actions are imposed on two worker dispatching business operators for the so-called double dispatch of worker. (Japanese)
  • Seeking business owners who want to obtain the "Good Skill" logo marking on their products~Showcase high quality products of high value~High quality services will be added for logo marking certification from FY 2018. (Japanese)
  • Prefecture's failure for reporting of part of vital statistic questionnaires (Japanese)
  • Monthly Labour Survey [Prefectural Survey] - Apr. 2018 (Japanese)
Sep 25
  • "Consultation Meetings on the Insurance Application for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices" will be held (Japanese)
  • Report on the medical-care system for the latter-stage elderly (monthly report) (Japanese)
  • Licenses for general worker dispatching undertaking are revoked and the discontinuance of specified worker dispatching undertaking is ordered. (Japanese)
  • "The Foster Care Month" starts in October (Japanese)
Sep 21
Sep 20
Sep 19
  • Summary Report of Survey on Labour Economy Trend, Aug 2018 (Japanese)
  • The 10th Expert Committee Meeting to Assess Health Effects of Cigarette (Japanese)
Sep 18
  • Information on the recovery and memorial services for Japanese war dead (additional services in Sep. 2018) (Japanese)
  • "The 4th Council Meeting for Public-Private Partnership on Safety Measures in the Manufacturing Industry" to be held~for the purpose of discussing and promoting safety measures in the manufacturing industry across different business types~ (Japanese)
  • Tying-up with a Japanese film titled "Ozu-land Egao no maho osiemasu (Oz Land, Magic of smile), " the MHLW has made a poster.(Japanese)
  • The Health Science Council, Science Technology Group "Expert Committee for Research on Assisted Reproductive Medicine Involving Genome Editing of Human Embryo" to be held (The 4th joint meeting on genome editing of human embryo) (Japanese)
  • Job fairs for international students (Japanese)
Sep 14
  • The winners of the contest for companies developing employment for seniors in FY 2018 have been decided (Japanese)
  • The status of cancellation of job offers in FY2017 (Japanese)
  • Results of the 2016 attitude survey on people supporting the social security system (Japanese)
  • New Comprehensive Plan for After School Programs is formulated (Japanese)
  • Letters and gifts of celebration for people who are already 100 or turning 100 soon to be presented (Japanese)
  • Correction to the results of Fact-finding Survey on Medical Assistance in 2017 (Japanese)
Sep 13
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1,093rd announcement) (related to the TEPCO’s Fukushima nuclear power plant accident) (Japanese)
  • Status Report on Long-term Care Insurance (Provisional) (Jun. 2018) (Japanese)
  • Partial delay in the payment of special child rearing allowance (Japanese)
  • The14th Expert Meeting on Children's Play Programs, etc. to be held (Japanese)
  • Investigative committee on the employment of disabled people at central government institutions has set up a contact point for accepting complaints and inquiries. (Japanese)
Sep 11
  • The Handover Ceremony of the Remains of Japanese Detainees in the former Soviet Union (The second time in the Khabarovsk Region) (Japanese)
  • Workshop to understand biologic drugs and biosimilar correctly (Japanese)
Sep 10
  • The MHLW appointed members of AKB48 Team 8 as Hello Training ambassadors. (Japanese)
  • The First Expert Committee on Social Care for Children, Working Group on Children, Social Security Council, the Working Group to strengthen Counseling and Support System for Children and Family (paperless) to be held (Japanese)
Sep 7
  • Imported Foods Inspection Services Home Page
  • Summary Report of Vital Statistics of Japan (final data), 2017 (in Japanese)
  • Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • The First Certified Public Psychologist Examination planned to be held in Hokkaido on Sep. 9 is rescheduled due to the earthquake that hit the eastern part of Hokkaido on Sep. 6. (Japanese)
  • A report on the status related to day-care centers, etc. (Apr. 1, 2018) and the results of the survey on the "Acceleration Plan for Eliminating All Waiting Lists for Childcare Openings "and "Plan for Raising Children in a Peaceful Environment "has been published. (Japanese)
  • Results of the re-examination on appointment and dismissal of workers with disabilities at judiciary and legislature (as of June 1, 2017) (Japanese)
  • The 5th meeting of the Council of Safety and Health Measures for the Construction of Facilities for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games to be held (Japanese)
  • Announcement of guidelines for measures that the employer should take to ensure proper handling of' information on workers' physical and mental conditions. (Japanese)
  • Publication of documents related to Japanese internees provided by the Russian and other governments (Posting of additionally identified persons, etc.) (Japanese)
  • Trends in the number of deaths from mesothelioma by prefecture (21 major cities regrouped), based on Vital Statistics of Japan (Final data, 1995-2017) (Japanese)
  • The number of deaths from heatstrokes, Vital Statistics of Japan (Final data) (Japanese)
  • Delay in payment of Temporary Absence from Work (Compensation) Benefits from the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (Japanese)
  • Actions to be taken during the Suicide Prevention Week in FY 2018 (Japanese)