Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Policy Information

■ Press Release : Movie for foreigners in Japan on how to overcome Pandemic Influenza(English:123KB)(Japanese:166KB)(
  ・ Prevention of heat strokes ~Recommended measures~ (English:277KB)(Japanese:875KB)
  ・ Enforcement of Amended Organ Transplantation Law (English:767KB)(Japanese)
  ・ Information for traveler to Japan (Concerning to stay at hotel and ryokan)
  ・ Verification Committee Concerning Hansen's Disease Problem Final Report (Summary Version) (PDF:598KB)
  ・ Water Supply in Japan   
  ・ Contact List of Japanese Quarantine Stations (PDF:180KB)
  ・ Basic Act on Hepatitis Measures
  ・ Basic guidelines for promotion of control measures for hepatitis (PDF:96KB)
  ・ Implementation Manual for the National Epidemiological Surveillance Infectious Diseases Program (PDF:221KB)  
  ・ Partial Revision of the Health Promotion Act (PDF:246KB)

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