Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Water Supply in Japan

1. Overview of Water Supply Services

(1) Geomorphology and Hydrology in Japan

(2) Development of Modern Waterworks

(3) Administration System concerning Water

(4) Administration System concerning Water Supply Services

(5) Types of Water Supply Services

(6) Coverage

(7) Water Sources

(8) Types of Treatment Plants

(9) Leakage Control

(10) Costs

(11) Subsidy from National Treasury

(12) Guidelines for the Management and Assessment of a Drinking Water Supply Services

(13) The guideline of asset management of water supply businesses

2. Regulations

(1) Waterworks Act

(2) Supervisory Guidance

3. New Water Supply Vision

(1) Promotion of Waterworks Vision

4. Water Quality

(1) History of Drinking Water Quality Standards

(2) Fundamental Principle of the Current DWQS

(3) Control of Pathogenic Organisms

(4) Water Safety Plan

5. International Contributions 

6. Waterworks technologies in Japan

7. Announcement

(1) Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake 

8. Brochure

(1) Policy and Administration of Water Supply in JapanPDF:651KBj
This brochure is designed for introduction of water supply in Japan. It was distributed at the 5th World Water Forum in March 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey.

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