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Pension Bureau

Sustainable and reliable pension system

Pension bureau is responsible for planning and designing for the public pension system and the corporate pension system.

A framework of Japanese pension system

Japanese pension system is providing benefits to insured persons or their survivors, when they retire from their working-lives, become handicapped, or die.
A character of Japanese public pension system is the universal coverage of Japanese population by social insurance pay-as-you-go scheme.
Another character is what is called a "three-tier" system. The first tier is Basic Pension, the second one is income-related public pension for employees, and the third one is the corporate pension.

Related laws

Employees' Pension Insurance Act (1954:115)

National Pension Act (1959:141)

Defined Benefit Corporate Pension Plan Act (2001:50)

Defined Contribution Pension Plan Act (2001:88)



Link to related documents  

The Point of the Pension Plan(PDF:2,479KB)

Policy Information

● Outline of the Act on the Partial Revision of the National Pension Act, etc. to strengthen the country’s pension system(Act No.40 of 2020) (English PDF:91KB) (Japanese PDF:94KB)

Social Security Agreement

To Persons Working Abroad(Social Security Agreement) 

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