Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The 16th ASEAN and Japan High Level Officials Meeting on Caring Societies

Date and Venue:

Date: From 5 December to 7 December 2018

Venue: Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel(Yokohama city)

Participants: total about 70 participants

○ Theme: “Promoting Inclusive Society Through Empowering Children and Youth and Alleviating Poverty”

○ Organizer: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Day1:Wednesday, 5 December 2018

○ Opening Address:

- Dr. Yasuyuki Sahara, Councillor, Minister’s Secretariat,Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
- Ms. Yuri Arakida, Deputy Mayor of Yokohama City
- Mr. H.E. Kung Phoak, Deputy Secretary-General, ASEAN Socio-Culture Community (ASCC), ASEAN Secretariat

○ Keynote speech: “The Poverty Among Japanese Children and Youths: Issues and Policies”(PDF:2,915KB)

- Dr. Aya Abe, Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University

○ Presentations from collaborative organizations:

○ Panel Session 1: Establishing social protection for poverty prevention

○ Panel Session 2: Collaboration in health/welfare services for children/youth needing support, and capacity development for human resources in local community

○ Panel Session 3: Support for economic independence, including employment of parents with youths/children

Day2: Thursday, 6 December 2018

○ Study Visit:

Day3: Friday, 7 December 2018

○ Review of Study Tour:

- Mr. Lewis Wong, Senior Assistant Director (International Relations), Customer and International Relations Division, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore

○ Panel Session 4: The roles of the national government, local governments, community, and relevant organizations towards eradicating poverty

Adoption of Recommendations(234KB)

○ Closing:

- Mr. Toru Kajiwara, Director of the Office of International Cooperation, International Affairs Division, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Report on The 16th ASEAN & Japan High Level Officials Meeting on Caring Societies (with photos)(1,137KB)


○ Background of the Meeting:

The ASEAN and Japan High Level Officials Meeting on Caring Societies has been organized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) of Japan since 2003. The purpose of the meeting is to enhance human resource development in health and social welfare areas, and to strengthen the Japan-ASEAN cooperative relationship.
This Meeting has been recognized as a vital platform to support the ASEAN Plus Three (Japan, the People’s Republic of China, and the Republic of Korea) Health Ministers’ Meetings as well as the ASEAN Plus Three Ministerial Meetings on Social Welfare and Development. Japan reports the outcome of the Meeting to the ASEAN Plus Three Ministers’ Meetings.
Since 2011, MHLW has invited officials in charge of employment policies in addition to health and social welfare experts, with a view to promoting cooperation in these three related fields.

○ Past themes of the ASEAN and Japan High Level Officials Meeting on Caring Societies:

The 1st Meeting November 2003 Human Resource Development for Social Welfare and Health Services
The 2nd Meeting August 2004 Development of Human Resources and Implications of Aging Societies
The 3rd Meeting August 2005 Health and Welfare Services for Children and People with Disabilities
The 4th Meeting August 2006 Support to Vulnerable People (Children and Women)
The 5th Meeting August 2007 Collaboration of Social Welfare and Health Services, and Development of Human Resources and Community
-Community Services for the Elderly-
The 6th Meeting September 2008 Healthy Next Generation:
- Strengthening Joint Collaboration between Health and Social Welfare -
The 7th Meeting August 2009 Towards an Inclusive Society
-Strengthening the collaboration between social welfare, health and medical systems for Children with Disabilities-
The 8th Meeting August 2010 Poverty alleviation with a focus on vulnerable people
- through strengthening collaboration between the social welfare and health services-
The 9th Meeting October 2011 Human resource development in the sectors of welfare and health
-with a focus on capacity building of service providers and employability promotion of vulnerable people-
The 10th Meeting October 2012 Caring Societies for the Socially Vulnerable Suffering after Natural Disaster
The 11th Meeting December 2013 Active Aging
The 12th Meeting October 2014 Resilient Communities for Active Aging
The 13th Meeting October 2015 People-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction and Restoration
The 14th Meeting November 2016 Facilitating the participation and improvement for the accessibility for those who need a social support
The 15th Meeting November 2016 Healthy Development of Children for Future Generations