Activities of the Labour Standards Inspection Office
Associate Expert
Grants for Employment Development for Specified Job Applicants
Grants Provided to Employers Concerning Skill Development for Labor Mobility of Middle-Aged or Older Workers
Grants Provided to Employers Who Contribute to Labor Mobility and the Employment of Middle-Aged and Older Workers
Industrial Accident Prevention Program
Labour Attaché
Large-Scale Employment Development Subsidy System
Minimum Wage System
Outline of Policies Based on the Job-Type Employment Stability Law
Outline of the Child Care and Family Care Leave Law
Outline of the Main Measures Based on the Law Concerning the Promotion of Improvement of Employment Management in Smaller Enterprises for Securing Humanpower
Regional Employment Development Subsidy System
Regional Employment Environment Improvement Subsidy System
Rural Employment Development Promotion Program
Subsidy System for Stabilization of Employment Opportunities that Utilize Advanced Skills in Regional Areas
Working Holiday Scheme

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