9        Contributing to the International Community     

IV. Labour Attaché, etc.

The number of officials of the Ministry of Labour who serve in other countries (as labour attach es, associate experts, or staff members of the ILO etc.) is increasing year by year, and they play an increasingly important role in labor diplomacy.

Labour Attaché
A labour attaché is an official of the Ministry of Labour seconded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who serves in Japanese Embassies or Consulates in other countries to deal with labor issues. At present, labour attachés are serving in 15 countries. They play an important role in the promotion of international labor administration by Japan, through such activities as participation in international meetings, surveys of labor affairs in the countries concerned, collection of information and promotion of technical cooperation.

Associate Expert
This is an opportunity to experience on-site traiing as a staff member of an international organization such as the United Nations, generally for a period of two years. Associate experts are sent from the Ministry of Labour to the ILO and OECD.

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