6        Promoting the Employment of Older Persons    

III. Promoting employment in various forms

The following measures are being implemented to meet the diversifying employment needs of older persons:
1. The flow of manpower demand and supply has been improved by appointing at each Public Employment Security Offices expertised personnels who provide vocational guidance and employment services for older persons,and providing vocational counseling, connected with daily life counseling, at the Vocational Counseling Room for Older Persons. In addition, Grants for Employment Development for Specified Job Applicants are paid to employers hiring, through an introduction from Public Employment Security Offices, older persons who have difficulty finding work.Furthermore, in FY1999, Public Employment Security Offices, in cooperation with local economic organizations, began providing support programs to enlighten the aged and employers.

Grants for Employment Development for Specified Job Applicants
The objective of these grants is to expand employment opportunities for specified job applicants, by paying grants to employers engaging older persons or persons with disabilities as workers under "continued employment," through the placement service of the Public Employment Security Office.This grant covers part of the wages paid to them.

Poster for the One-Month Campaign
to Promote Employment of the Elderly

2. An increasing number of elderly people hope to get jobs, especially jobs with fewer working hours.To cope with this, since FY1998, we have been implementing measures collectively under the Senior Work Programs.These provide technical training courses and joint interview meetings to help their re-employment.

3. Older Persons Vocational Experience Utilization Centers are used to promote opportunities for short-term employment, so that older people can work according to their own desires.

4. Among older persons retired from full-time jobs, more and more wish to use their abilities by engaging in some form of work or volunteer activity, thereby making their lives more meaningful.To meet this demand, the Ministry of Labour provides help and assistance in setting up Silver Human Resources Centers, which aim to provide older persons with temporary and short-term jobs closely connected with the daily life of their local communities.Also, based on a revision of the Law for Stabilization of Employment for Older Persons in October 1996, additional measures are stipulated for more effective implementation of these services throughout all of the prefectures and to cultivate and assist the collaboration among the Silver Human Resources Centers providing these services.

5. Seminars and gatherings are provided for older people who wish to open their own businesses.This will help diverse job potential amongst older people.

6. Based on the concept of "Active Aging," volunteer-service activities are being encouraged amongst retired people in order to spur their social participation.

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