Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

4. Working Conditions・Labour Relations
4. 労働条件・労使関係

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01 Ensuring and Improving Working Conditions
Changes in Number of Inspections(PDF:232KB)
114 労働条件の確保・改善
02 Number of Inspection Based on Reports
Number of Judicial Cases by Major Types of Business(PDF:333KB)
115 申告処理状況の推移
03 Major Measures for Working Hours (FY 2009)(PDF:238KB) 116 主な労働時間対策(平成21年度)
04 Overview of the law for improvement of working time arrangements
Annual hours actually worked in 6 major countries(PDF:282KB)
117 労働時間等設定改善法及び労働時間等見直しガイドラインの概要
05 Situation in the acquired ratio of annual paid leave(PDF:249KB) 118 年次有給休暇の取得状況
06 Overview of the minimum wage system(PDF:152KB) 119 最低賃金制度の概要
07 The list of regional minimum wages(PDF:434KB) 120 地域別最低賃金の全国一覧
08 Inspections’ results of implementation securing of the minimum wage in a principle(PDF:187KB) 121 最低賃金の履行確保を主眼とする監督指導結果
09 Structure of Safety and Health Measures(PDF:229KB) 122 安全衛生施策の体系
10 The mental health policy for workplaces(PDF:188KB) 123 職場におけるメンタルヘルス対策
11 Overview of "the integrated measure for the health problems prevention caused by overwork"(PDF:171KB) 124 「過重労働による健康障害防止のための総合対策」の概要
12 Comfortable Working Environment(PDF:179KB) 125 快適な職場環境づくり
13 Guidelines for comprehensive safety standards of machinery (Overview)(PDF:143KB) 126 機械の包括的な安全基準に関する指針(概要)
14 Overview of asbestos measures by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare(PDF:181KB) 127 厚生労働省の石綿(アスベスト)対策の概要
15 Measures to Prevent Health Disorders by Chemicals(PDF:208KB) 128 化学物質による労働災害防止対策
16 Risk assessments, etc(PDF:219KB) 129 危険性又は有害性等の調査等
17 Fatal Industrial Accidents by Industry (2009)
Medical Examination Results by Year(PDF:179KB)
130 業種別死亡災害発生状況(平成21年)
18 Number of People Having Industrial Diseases by Year
Reports Filed for Manufacturing and Importing New Chemicals by Year (manufacturing and imports)(PDF:264KB)
131 年別業務上疾病者数
新規化学物質製造・輸入届出状況 年別(製造・輸入)
19 Overview of the law on the relief from health hazards caused by asbestos(PDF:234KB) 132 石綿による健康被害の救済に関する法律の概要
20 Overview of the law to revise a part of the law on the relief of health problems caused by asbestos(PDF:541KB) 133 石綿による健康被害の救済に関する法律の一部を改正する法律の概要
21 Overview of Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance System(PDF:256KB) 134 労働者災害補償保険制度の概要
22 Financial Status of Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance(PDF:174KB) 135 労災保険の財政状況
23 Application and Contribution Collection System of Labour Insurance
Application of labour insurance and obligation of collection(PDF:236KB)
136 労働保険適用徴収制度
24 Coverage of labour Insurances
Contributions of labour insurances collected(PDF:126KB)
137 労働保険の適用状況
25 Overview of the Workers' Property Accumulation Promotion System(PDF:236KB) 138 勤労者財産形成促進制度の概要
26 The Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid System
Structure of ordinary Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid System
Number of Participants and Amount of Payment (FY 2009)(PDF:214KB)
139 中小企業退職金共済制度
27 The system of the labour relations plan
The Adjustment of the Labour Committee system and labour disturbance
What is the Adjustment of the Labour Committee?(PDF:305KB)
140 労使関係施策の体系
28 Overview of unfair labour practice(PDF:243KB) 141  ○不当労働行為の審査手続の概要
29 What is adjustment of labour disturbance
Effort to labour problems attendant on reorganization of cooperate organization(PDF:337KB)
142  ○労働争議の調整について
30 The current situation of the labour union
Change in the number of dispute(PDF:287KB)
143 労働組合の現勢
31 The outline chart of individual labour dispute solution system(PDF:520KB) 144 個別労働紛争解決制度の概要図
32 State of the operation of individual labour dispute solution system(PDF:612KB) 145 個別労働紛争解決制度の運用状況(概要)

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