Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax

Announcement on the current status of Japan's Social Security System and deliberations on the policies for the social security reform Cabinet Secretariat

What's new

Jan 17
  • Promoting actions to achieve UHC in 2020-Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) 2020 / UHC Forum 2020 and Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2020- (English)(Japanese)
Jan 9
  • Monthly report of Statistics of Long-term Care Benefit Expeditures(Cases assessed on September 2019)(Japanese)
Jan 8
  • Provisional Report of Monthly Labour Survey November 2019 (English)(Japanese)
Dec 27
  • Recipients of the 8th Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award (Prime Minister's Prize) are decided (Japanese)
  • Results of the Briefing Survey on Economic Conditions in Long-term Care in FY2019 (Japanese)
  • A discussion report from the Working Group on Research on Insurable Diseases and Specific Pediatric Chronic Diseases and Medical Care has been released. (Japanese)
  • Correction to long-term care insurance payments collected in FY 2018 and 2019, and adjustment in FY 2020 (Japanese)
  • Report on Social Welfare Administration and Services (Preliminary Data), Oct. 2019 (Japanese)
  • Appointment of a (full-time) auditor at the Japan Pension Service (Japanese)
  • Analysis of regional differences in medical care expenditure(Japanese)
  • Monthly Report on Employment Insurance Services (Japanese)
  • Employment referrals for general workers November 2019 (English)(Japanese)
Dec 26
  • Monthly Labour Survey [Special Survey] 2019 (Japanese)
  • Orders issued to business operators for improvement of worker dispatching undertakings (Japanese)
  • The 2nd unofficial announcement of the funds for securing comprehensive medical and long-term care in local communities (for medical care) in FY2019 (Japanese)
Dec 25
  • Hospital Report (Preliminary data), Sep. 2019 (Japanese)
  • Draft outline of the Ministerial Order for Partial Revision of the Enforcement Ordinance for the Working Environment Measurement Act. (Japanese)
  • Asking the public for the submission of ideas for a certification logo design and nickname to be given to particular small and medium-sized businesses that are taking steps to hire more people with disabilities (Japanese)
  • The second implementation plan for the fund for improving health and hygiene facilities, etc. in FY2019 (Japanese)
  • Report on the "Status of Employment of Persons with disabilities" in 2019 (Japanese)
  • Request for cooperation in the Survey on Labour and Economy Trend for Feb. 2020 (Japanese)
  • Report on the medical-care system for the latter-stage elderly (Japanese)
  • Proposals presented by the Lobour Policy Council (Japanese)
  • Recruitment and selection for people in the “employment ice age generation” looking for a position at the MHLW (Japanese)
  • Additional successful applicants for the nursery teacher written test (for the first term) held in prefectures in 2019 (Japanese)
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1,161 st announcement) (Japanese)
Dec 24
  • Information about Hansen's disease (Japanese)
  • Dynamic Survey of Medical Institutions (Preliminary data), Oct. 2019 (Japanese)
  • the report from the scientific committee of “Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese” (Japanese)
  • Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (Japanese)
  • Prompt Vital Statistics Report, Oct. 2019 (Japanese)
  • Annual estimates of Vital Statistics, 2019 (Japanese)
Dec 23
  • Summary Report of the Survey on Employment Trends in the first half of 2019 (Japanese)
  • Appointment of the President of the Japan Pension Service (Japanese)
  • An informal meeting on food risk communication on "Safety of Imported Foods" to be held (Japanese)
  • The 2nd Group Meeting for the Reform of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to be held (Japanese)
Dec 20
  • Status Report on Long-term Care Insurance (Provisional) (Oct. 2019)(Japanese)
  • Final Report of Monthly Labour Survey October 2019 (English)(Japanese)
  • A new content is added to the portal site to promote efforts to reduce long working hours for truck drives.(Japanese)
  • An exhibition on children's publications recommended by the Social Security Council of MHLW, "Books for the Healthy Growth of Children in 2019," to be held (Japanese)
  • Survey results on the prefectural and municipal governments’ responses to abuse cases of persons with disabilities in FY2018(Japanese)
Dec 19
  • Overview of the Survey on Physicians, Dentists, and Pharmacists in 2018 (Japanese)
  • Summary of the Basic Survey on Labour Unions in 2019 (Japanese)
  • "Good Career Company Award 2019 Seminar for Companies " to be held. (Japanese)
  • The status of guidance and monitoring implemented for insurance medical institutions in FY2018 (Japanese)
Dec 18
Dec 17
  • Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Three new psychoactive substances are designated as "Shitei Yakubutsu (Designated Substances)"~A ministerial order for establishing the designated substances, etc., is promulgated~ (Japanese)
  • The status of occurrence of occupational accidents in 2019 (Dec. 2019) (Japanese)
  • The 6th joint meeting about research on the use of genome editing technology and other techniques to track human fertilized embryo to be held (Japanese)
  • Revision of medical fees (Japanese)
Dec 16
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1,160 th announcement) (Japanese)