Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax

Announcement on the current status of Japan's Social Security System and deliberations on the policies for the social security reform Cabinet Secretariat

What's new

Oct 8
  • Provisional Report of Monthly Labour Survey August 2019 (English)(Japanese)
  • Monthly report of Statistics of Long-term Care Benefit Expeditures(Cases assessed on May 2019)(Japanese)
Oct 1
Sep 30
  • Status on the application of labour insurance and collection of premiums (Japanese)
  • Report on Social Welfare Administration and Services (Preliminary Data), Jul. 2019 (Japanese)
  • Release of results of the "Survey on Progress of Informatization of Medical Devices" (Japanese)
  • The 9th Committee Meeting on Support for Women Facing Difficulties (paperless) to be held (Japanese)
  • Training courses for ministry officials to learn how to support workers with disabilities at the workplace to be held (Japanese)
  • Request for cooperation in the Survey on Labor and Economy Trend for Nov. 2019. (Japanese)
  • October is the month to raise awareness for organ transplants and promote organ donation (Japanese)
  • Voluntary recall of a medical device (Class I) (Japanese)
Sep 27
  • "The Foster Care Month" starts in October (Japanese)
  • Publication of the 2019 Analysis of Labor Economy on the theme of "Work Style Challenges Amid Labor Shortage" (Japanese)
  • The MHLW has decided on the "Month to Think Together About Healthcare Services" as the new name for the Month to Remind People of What They Should Know When Receiving Healthcare Services. (Japanese)
  • Dynamic Survey of Medical Institutions (Preliminary data), Jul. 2019 (Japanese)
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1,149 th announcement) (Japanese)
Sep 26
  • Major changes in health, labor and welfare systems(Oct. 2019) (Japanese)
  • Licenses for general worker dispatching undertaking are revoked . (Japanese)
  • Revisions to the guidelines for promoting cooperation between organizations in charge of community health and those responsible for employees' health (Japanese)
  • Overview of Estimates of National Medical Care Expenditure, FY2017 (Japanese)
Sep 25
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1,148 th announcement) (Japanese)
  • Job fairs for international students (Japanese)
  • Drug abuse prevention campaign to be launched. (Japanese)
  • The 21st meeting on the standardization of health care information to be held (Japanese)
  • Summary of the (Dynamic) Survey of Medical Institutions and Hospital Report, 2018 (Japanese)
Sep 24
  • A seminar will be held for shippers and trucking companies to discuss ways to reduce long working hours of truck drivers. (Japanese)
  • Results of supervision and guidance provided to workplaces suspected of long working hours practice in FY 2018 are published (Japanese)
  • November is "Enlightenment Month to Raise Awareness for Preventing Death and Injury from Overwork" (Japanese)
  • The 2017 report on unlicensed and unapproved drugs (Japanese)
  • Prompt Vital Statistics Report, Jul. 2019 (Japanese)
  • A report on the study group meetings to review dose limits to the lens of the eyes has been published. (Japanese)
  • Signing of the Agreement between Japan and the Republic of Finland on Social Security (Japanese)
Sep 20
  • Overseas business trips of Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Mr. Kato (Japanese)
  • A meeting on radioactive substances in food " Learn from the past and think about the future" to be held (Japanese)
  • October is the "Promotion and Enhancement of Enrollment Month" for the Smaller Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid System. (Japanese)
  • Final Report of Monthly Labour Survey July 2019 (English)(Japanese)
Sep 19
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1,147 th announcement) (Japanese)
  • The 15th Habataki Memorial Concert will be held on Oct. 2 (announcement) (Japanese)
  • Kobe University has been endorsed as an APEC's Pilot Training Center of Excellence (Japanese)
  • DNA experts testing remains of war dead have pointed out in a meeting that remains of non-Japanese war dead may have been collected from some areas. (Japanese)
  • Summary Report of Survey on Labour Economy Trend, Aug 2019 (Japanese)
  • Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake
Sep 18
  • The 3rd Meeting to discuss how to promote the government's plan to connect individual’s medical records by utilizing insurance identification numbers to be held (Japanese)
  • October is the month to promote the utilization of annual paid leave. (Japanese)
  • We ask for your cooperation in the Survey on Public Pension Enrollment in FY2019 (Japanese)
  • The third joint meeting about research on the use of genome editing technology and other techniques to track human fertilized embryo to be held (Japanese)
  • "Consultation Meetings on the Insurance Application for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices" will be held (Japanese)
  • Delay in the publication of the Summary Report of Vital Statistics of Japan (final data), 2018 (Japanese)