Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax

Announcement on the current status of Japan's Social Security System and deliberations on the policies for the social security reform Cabinet Secretariat

What's new

Sep 6
  • Provisional Report of Monthly Labour Survey July 2019 (English)(Japanese)
Sep 5
Sep 4
Aug 30
  • 14 regions are selected to carry out the newly established Project to Promote Regional Revitalization Efforts (Japanese)
  • Four organizations are selected as 2nd-term organizations to implement the "Regional Coordination Project for Promoting the Elderly to Stay Active in the Workplaces throughout their Lives in FY2019." (Japanese)
  • Charges on violation of the Worker Dispatch Law (Japanese)
  • First approval of the devices since the introduction of the regulations on reprocessed single use devices (Japanese)
  • The administration status of "trade skills tests" in FY2018 has been published. (Japanese)
  • Recipients of the "Minister's award for outstanding offices for the employment of persons with disabilities" in FY2019 were decided. The award ceremony will be held on Tuesday, September 3rd. (Japanese)
  • Correction to Survey of Long-term Care Benefit Expenditures (current Statistics of Long-term Care Benefit Expenditures ) (Japanese)
  • Status Report on Long-term Care Insurance in FY2017 (Annual Report) (Japanese)
  • Correction to the Report on Regional Public Health Services and Health Promotion Services in FY 2015-2017 (Japanese)
  • Call for cooperation to the 2019 General Survey on Diversified Types of Employment (Japanese)
  • Monthly and Annual Reports on Employment Insurance Services (Japanese)
  • Status on the application of labour insurance and collection of premiums (Japanese)
  • Release of outline of the Annual Report on the Statistics of Production by Pharmaceutical Industry (2018) (Japanese)
  • Corrections to the Survey on Statistics of Production by Pharmaceutical Industry (Japanese)
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1,143 rd announcement) (Japanese)
  • Monthly report of Statistics of Long-term Care Benefit Expeditures(Cases assessed on February 2019)(Japanese)
  • Monthly report of Statistics of Long-term Care Benefit Expeditures(Cases assessed on March 2019)(Japanese)
  • Monthly report of Statistics of Long-term Care Benefit Expeditures(Cases assessed on April 2019)(Japanese)
  • Employment referrals for general workers July 2019 (English)(Japanese)
Aug 29
  • Three new psychoactive substances are designated as "Shitei Yakubutsu (Designated Substances)"~A ministerial order for establishing the designated substances, etc., is promulgated~ (Japanese)
  • The second meeting to discuss a information sharing system between medical institutions through health insurance ID numbers to be postponed (Japanese)
Aug 28
  • Overseas business trips of State Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Mr.Oguchi (Japanese)
  • Results of the Japanese national team at the 45th World Skills Competition (Qazan, Russia) (Japanese)
  • Report on special survey on status of the employment of people with disabilities at state administrative organizations and their retention rates (Japanese)
  • Report on the status of appointment and removal of workers with disabilities at central government agencies in 2019 (Japanese)
  • FY 2018 procurement status of goods from the employment support agencies for persons with disabilities by the state and independent administrative agencies based on the Act for Promotion of Priority Procurement of Employment Support Agencies for Persons with Disabilities(prompt report) (Japanese)
  • Rubella prevention seminar for companies (1st seminar to beheld on Sep. 1) (Japanese)
  • Results of the "status on the maltreatment of the persons with disabilities by employers, etc." in FY2018 are published. (Japanese)
  • Information on the Great East Japan Earthquake
Aug 27
  • The 8th Committee Meeting on Support for Women Facing Difficulties (paperless) to be held (Japanese)
  • "MHLW Statistics Reform Vision 2019" has been developed (Japanese)
  • Dynamic Survey of Medical Institutions (Preliminary data), Jun. 2019 (Japanese)
  • Report on the medical-care system for the latter-stage elderly (Japanese)
  • Actions to be taken during the Suicide Prevention Week in FY 2019 (Japanese)
Aug 26
  • "The 7th Meeting on the Social Insurance System for People Choosing Various Ways of Working" to be held (Japanese)
  • Correction to the report of the Monthly Labour Survey (Japanese)
  • Final Report of Monthly Labour Survey June 2019 (English)(Japanese)
Aug 23
  • Asking for submission of slogans for the "Child Welfare Week" in FY2020. (Japanese)
  • Implementation status of the career consultant registration system in FY 2018 has been published. (Japanese)
  • The 3rd meeting to discuss mid-term evaluations on the "Healthy Parent(s) and Children in the 21st Century" campaign to be held (Japanese)
  • Prompt Vital Statistics Report, Jun. 2019 (Japanese)
Aug 22
  • Delay in the publication of the Final Report of Monthly Labour Survey, Jun. 2019 (Japanese)
Aug 21
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1,142 nd announcement) (Japanese)
  • Overview of Survey on Industrial Safety and Health Survey (actual condition survey) in 2018 (Japanese)
  • The first meeting on research on genome editing of human embryos to be held (paperless) (Japanese)
  • Summary Report of Survey on Employment Trends in 2018 (Japanese)
Aug 20
  • Recommendations for development of the "MHLW Statistics Reform Vision 2019 (tentative title)" has been compiled (Japanese)
  • The status of occurrence of occupational accidents in 2019 (Aug. 2019) (Japanese)
  • The MHLW plans to hold an evening yoga event at Jingu Stadium.~ Parliamentary Vice-Minister Shintani will join the event on Aug. 22~ (Japanese)
Aug 19
  • The 89th Codex Consultative Meeting to be held (Japanese)
Aug 16
  • The second workshop on healthcare policies for FY 2019 and the second meeting for regional healthcare planning advisors to be held (Japanese)
Aug 15
  • Request for cooperation in the Survey of Social Welfare Institutions and the Survey of Institutions and Establishments for Long-term Care, 2019 (Japanese)