Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The Comprehensive Reform of Social Security and Tax

Announcement on the current status of Japan's Social Security System and deliberations on the policies for the social security reform Cabinet Secretariat

What's new

Jun 19
  • Summary Report of Survey on Labour Economy Trend, May 2018 (Japanese)
Jun 14
Jun 12
Jun 8
Jun 7
Jun 6
  • Provisional Report of Monthly Labour Survey April 2018 (English)(Japanese)
Jun 1
May 31
  • "Status on the Occurrence of Death and Injury Accidents Caused by Heatstroke at Workplaces" in 2017 is released~The MHLW will be promoting "STOP Heatstroke Cool Work" campaign from May through the end of September~ (Japanese)
  • "The 3rd Council Meeting for Public-Private Partnership on Safety Measures in the Manufacturing Industry" to be held~for the purpose of discussing and promoting safety measures in the manufacturing industry across different business types~ (Japanese)
  • Results of inspections on radionuclides in foods (1085th announcement) (related to the TEPCO’s Fukushima nuclear power plant accident) (Japanese)
May 30
  • The status on the occurrence of occupational accidents in 2017 (Final Data) (Japanese)
  • The status of occurrence of occupational accidents in 2017 is announced ~the number of worker fatalities and injuries increased from the previous year. ~ (Japanese)
  • Basic Survey of Gender Equality in Employment Management in FY2017(Prompt Report) (Japanese)
  • Overview of the 7th Longitudinal Survey of Newborns in the 21st Century (2010 cohort) (Japanese)
  • Monthly report of Survey of Long-term Care Benefit Expenditures(Cases assessed on March 2018) (Japanese)