Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

2. Health and Medical Services
2. 保健医療

01 Health Care Insurance System [218KB] 医療保険制度 [453KB]
02 Insured Medical Treatment System [510KB] 保険診療の仕組み [416KB]
03 Medical Care Expenditure [115KB] 医療費 [598KB]
04 Financial Status of Health Insurance System [73KB] 医療保険制度の財政状況 [277KB]
05 Medical Care Provision System [103KB] 医療提供体制 [185KB]
06 Types of Medical Institutions [248KB] 医療施設の類型 [242KB]
07 Trends with Medical Institutions [84KB] 医療施設の動向 [618KB]
08 National Hansen’s Disease Sanatoria, National Hospital Organization, and National Research Centers for Advanced and Specialized Medical Care [41KB] 国立ハンセン病療養所及び独立行政法人国立病院機構並びに国立高度専門医療研究センター [246KB]
09 Medical Professionals [281KB] 医療関係従事者 [279KB]
10 Conforming Rate to the Statutory Number of Doctors and Nurses Designated in the Medical Care Act and Sufficiency Status (Results of FY2009 On-Site Inspection) [97KB] 医療法に規定する病院の医師、看護師の標準数に対する適合率及び充足状況(平成21 年度立入検査結果) [276KB]
11 Provision of Medical Function Information [148KB] 医療機能に関する情報提供 [212KB]
12 Medical Care Plan [54KB] 医療計画 [332KB]
13 Emergency Medical Service System [39KB] 救急医療体制 [171KB]
14 Medical Services in Remote Areas [697KB] へき地医療対策 [718KB]
15 Medical Safety Measures [42KB] 医療安全対策 [219KB]
16 Improved Quality of Doctors [91KB] 医師の資質の向上 [450KB]
17 Medical Corporation System [61KB] 医療法人制度 [133KB]
18 Health Centers, etc [74KB] 保健所等 [524KB]
19 Measures against Hepatitis [155KB] 肝炎対策 [276KB]
20 Health Promotion Measures [409KB] 健康づくり対策 [793KB]
21 Dental Health Promotion [67KB] 歯の健康対策 [193KB]
22 Cancer Control Measures [214KB] がん対策 [372KB]
23 Intractable Disease Measures [66KB] 難病対策 [533KB]
24 Infectious Disease Measures [50KB] 感染症対策 [273KB]
25 Vaccination (Individual) [46KB] 予防接種(個別接種) [377KB]
26 Tuberculosis Measures [94KB] 結核対策 [414KB]
27 AIDS Control Measures [164KB] エイズ対策 [464KB]
28 Measures against Novel Influenza [108KB] 新型インフルエンザ対策 [280KB]
29 Organ Transplantation and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation [153KB] 臓器移植及び造血幹細胞移植 [567KB]
30 Drugs, etc. [154KB] 医薬品・医薬部外品・化粧品の承認・許可制度 [354KB]
31 Medical Device Approval/Licensing System [78KB] 医療機器の承認・許可制度 [366KB]
32 Post-Marketing Measures for Drugs/Medical Devices [223KB] 医薬品・医療機器の製造販売後対策 [274KB]
33 Relief Systems for Adverse Drug Reactions and Infections Acquired through Biological Products [76KB] 医薬品副作用被害救済制度及び生物由来製品感染等被害救済制度 [233KB]
34 Research/Development of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry [97KB] 医薬品の研究開発と医薬品産業 [291KB]
35 Medical Devices [93KB] 医療機器 [220KB]
36 Separation of Dispensing and Prescribing Functions [50KB] 医薬分業 [232KB]
37 Blood Programme [100KB] 血液事業 [302KB]
38 Health Risk Management System [38KB] 健康危機管理体制 [183KB]

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