Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Annual Health, Labour and Welfare Report 2007-2008

* These are unofficial translations. Only the original Japanese texts of the laws and regulations have legal effect, and the translations are to be used solely as reference material to aid in the understanding of Japanese laws and regulations


Part 1

Overview Annual Report on Health,Labour and Welfare 2007-2008(PDF:901KB))

Part 2

Key Administrative Measures of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
* In Part 2 key administrative aspects of health, labour and welfare for FY 2007 are described along with those for up to June 2008.
Chapter 1. Promoting Measures to Secure Healthy Lives both Mentally and Physically, and Safe, High Quality, and Efficient Medical Care
Section 1. Enhancing a Safe, Reliable, and High Quality Medical Care System(PDF:144KB)
Section 2. Promotion of the “New Health Frontier Strategy”(PDF:27KB)
Section 3. Measures against Lifestyle related Diseases through “Health Japan 21” and Promotion of “Shokuiku(food and nutrition education)”(PDF:189KB)
Section 4. Promotion of Effectively Preventing the Need for Nursing Care through the “10 Year Nursing Care Prevention Strategy”(PDF:59KB)
Section 5. Promotion of Science and Technology to Prolong Healthy Years of Life(PDF:81KB)
Section 6. Promotion of Creating Innovative Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices(PDF:35KB)
Section 7. Promotion of Measures against Infectious Diseases(PDF:170KB)
Section 8. Establishing a Stable Sustainable Health Insurance System(PDF:96KB)
Chapter 2. Comprehensive and Well-planed Promotion of Cancer Control
Section 1. Promotion of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy(PDF:46KB)
Section 2. Palliative Care from the Early Phase of Treatment(PDF:31KB)
Section 3. Promotion of Cancer Registry(PDF:25KB)
Section 4. Cancer Prevention, Early Detection, and Promotion of Cancer Research(PDF:26KB)
Section 5. Cancer Control for Women(PDF:24KB)
Chapter 3. Realizing Fair and Diverse Work Styles and Securing the Safety of Workers
Section 1. Fair and Diverse Work Styles(PDF:172KB)
Section 2. Creating Safe and Secure Workplaces(PDF:295KB)
Section 3. Revision of Employment Insurance System(PDF:42KB)
Section 4. Formation of Stable Labour-Management Relations(PDF:58KB)
Chapter 4. Promotion of Measures for Employment and Human Resource Development for Improving the Vitality of both the Society and the Economy
Section 1. Realizing a Nation Founded on Human Resources to Improve the Vitality of both the Society and the Economy(PDF:109KB)
Section 2. Creating Employment and Securing Human Resources for Vitalizing Communities(PDF:91KB)
Section 3. Proper Handling of Foreign Worker Problems(PDF:42KB)
Chapter 5. Support for Young People Aiming at New Challenges
Section 1. Strengthening Human Capabilities of Young People and Improving their Motivation to Work(PDF:194KB)
Section 2. Reemployment and Starting Enterprises Utilizing the Motivation and Abilities of Females(PDF:45KB)
Section 3. Comprehensive Promotion for Self-Sufficiency Support in Employment for People with Disabilities(PDF:84KB)
Section 4. Support for People to Overcome Difficulties and Seek Reemployment(PDF:53KB)
Chapter 6. Promotion of Comprehensive Measures to Reverse the Birth Rate Decline in a Society with a Decreasing Population
Section 1. Promotion of Comprehensive Measures to Support the Development of the Next-Generation(PDF:102KB)
Section 2. Promotion of Measures for Community-Based Childrearing Support(PDF:41KB)
Section 3. Promotion of Various Improvements in Day Care Services and Comprehensive Measures for After-School Children(PDF:55KB)
Section 4. Improvement of Measures for Maternal and Child Health(PDF:56KB)
Section 5. Improvement of Measures for Children in Need of Care including Measures to Prevent Child Abuse(PDF:67KB)
Section 6. Promotion of Measures for Self-Sufficiency Support of Single Parent Families(PDF:48KB)
Chapter 7. Creating a Society Where Elderly can be Active and Comfortable
Section 1. Operation of a Long-Term Care Insurance System and Promotion of Related Measures(PDF:100KB)
Section 2. Creation of a Society Where People can Work regardless of Age(PDF:52KB)
Section 3. Building a Sustainable and Secure Pension System(PDF:345KB)
Chapter 8. Promotion of Self-Sufficiency Support and Community Welfare for People with Disabilities
Section 1. Promotion of Measures to Support Self-Sufficient Community Lives for People with Disabilities(PDF:132KB)
Section 2. Improvement of Measures to Support People with Developmental Disorders(PDF:65KB)
Section 3. Providing Support for People in Need of Social Support and Establishment of Bases to Provide Welfare Services(PDF:98KB)
Section 4. Memorial Services for the War Dead and Measures for the Japanese Remaining in China after the War (Under construction)
Chapter 9. Promotion of Measures for Safety and Security of People
Section 1. Responding to Hepatitis C Lawsuit(PDF:88KB)
Section 2. Promotion of Measures to Provide Better Drugs Safely and Promptly(PDF:54KB)
Section 3. Promotion of Safety Measures with Food to Secure Public Health(PDF:2,333KB)
Section 4. Promotion of Preventive Measures against Suicide(PDF:34KB)
Section 5. Enhancement of Health Risk Management System(PDF:35KB)
Chapter 10. Contribution to International Society
Section 1. Positive Participation in and Cooperation with International Organization Activities(PDF:120KB)
Section 2. International Contribution through Human Resource Development(PDF:49KB)
Section 3. Promotion of Bilateral Cooperation(PDF:40KB)
Section 4. Response to Globalization of Economy(PDF:492KB)
Chapter 11. Improvement of the Administrative System
Section 1. Appropriate Management of the Pension System(PDF:76KB)
Section 2. Promotion of Unifying Social Insurance/Labour Insurance Contribution Levy Work(PDF:47KB)
Section 3. Efforts for Independent Administrative Institutions and Public Interest Organizations(PDF:55KB)
Section 4. Promotion of Information-Oriented Society(PDF:300KB)
Section 5. Promotion of Information Disclosure and Protection of Personal Information(PDF:52KB)
Section 6. Efforts for Policy Evaluation(PDF:87KB)

Part 3

Health and Medical Services p28-p33(PDF:561KB)
Health and Medical Services p34(PDF:149KB)
Health and Medical Services p35-38(PDF:335KB)
Health and Medical Services p39(PDF:750KB)
Health and Medical Services p40(PDF:844KB)
Health and Medical Services p41-43(PDF:263KB)
Health and Medical Services p44-45(PDF:262KB)
Health and Medical Services p46(PDF:744KB)
Health and Medical Services p47-49(PDF:279KB)
Health and Medical Services p50(PDF:1,126KB)
Health and Medical Services p51-52(PDF:1,198KB)
Health and Medical Services p53-54(PDF:174KB)
Health and Medical Services p55(PDF:273KB)
Health and Medical Services p56(PDF:329KB)
Health and Medical Services p57-58(PDF:162KB)
Health and Medical Services p59(PDF:114KB)
Health and Medical Services p60-61(PDF:383KB)
Health and Medical Services p62(PDF:90KB)
Health and Medical Services p63-64(PDF:1,310KB)
Health and Medical Services p65-72(PDF:1,090KB)
Health and Medical Services p73(PDF:213KB)
Health and Medical Services p74-78(PDF:549KB)
Health and Medical Services p79-80(PDF:131KB)
Health and Medical Services p81-82(PDF:119KB)
Health and Medical Services p83(PDF:149KB)
Health and Medical Services p84-85(PDF:213KB)
Health and Medical Services p86-88(PDF:384KB)
Health and Medical Services p89(PDF:301KB)
Health and Medical Services p90-91(PDF:242KB)
Health and Medical Services p92-93(PDF:318KB)
Health and Medical Services p94(PDF:180KB)
Health and Medical Services p95-96(PDF:268KB)
Health and Medical Services p97(PDF:135KB)
Health and Medical Services p98(PDF:164KB)
Health and Medical Services p99(PDF:99KB)
Health and Medical Services p100(PDF:137KB)
Health and Medical Services p101(PDF:139KB)
Health and Medical Services p102(PDF:122KB)
Health and Medical Services p103(PDF:87KB)
Health and Welfare Services for the Elderly p224-227(PDF:3,755KB)
Health and Welfare Services for the Elderly p228(PDF:170KB
Health and Welfare Services for the Elderly p229-p231(PDF:642KB)
Health and Welfare Services for the Elderly p232(PDF:156KB

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