Assistance Dogs Welcome Sticker

This is a sticker designed by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to promote accompaniment of assistance dogs.
The stickers are posted at the entrance of various facilities and stores.

* Assistance dogs (only those certified in Japan) may accompany their users to enter facilities without stickers at the entrance.

"Mobility service dogs" are specifically defined as the dogs which support their users' physical disabilities due to impairment of motor function. Other service dogs which support their users' mental disorders, autism and emotional disorders, and epileptic disorders, etc. are not certified as assistance dogs in Japan.

*"Assistance dogs" refer to "guide dogs", "mobility service dogs", and "hearing dogs" certified in accordance with the "Act on Assistance Dogs for Persons with Physical Disabilities". All the other dogs are categorized as "pets" in Japan.

*The "Act on Assistance Dogs for Persons with Physical Disabilities" imposes on various facilities for the general public, including public facilities, restaurants, hospitals and hotels, the duty to accommodate person with assistance dogs.

There are various other stickers issued by local governments and related organizations.