Dog-Keeping Rules and Manners in Japan

In Japan, dog owners are required to follow a number of rules and manners, such as dogs must be kept on leash and excrement must be picked up while walking a dog.

Prohibition of Keeping Dogs off-leash while walking

Except for indoors and within the owner's fenced private properties, dogs must always be kept on leash.

Safety Consideration While Walking a Dog

Walking should be done by a person who can control the dog's behaviors. The dog should always be kept on leash, and the length of the leash should be short enough for the safety of both owners' and the dogs.

Consideration for Dogs Kept Outside the House

In case of keeping a dog outside the house on leash, owners should take precautions so that the dog doesn't harm others.

Proper Training

Dog owners should train their dogs to be socially acceptable. Teaching a dog to respond to commands like "Stay" is highly recommended. "Come" is another useful command in an emergency situation.

Consideration for local neighborhood and environment

Dog owners should maintain a pleasant environment by controlling their dogs' barking noise, hairs and toilet odors.

Understanding Dog's Nature and Personality

Dog owners are responsible for understanding their dog's nature and personality in order to prevent accidents.

Dog's identification to be Registered

All dogs over 90-day old are obligated under the Rabies Prevention Act for registration, immunization against rabies and carrying of license tag and injection certificate. Microchip implantation is also recommended.

(Excerpts from a Pamphlet "Rules and Manners of keeping a Dog" by Ministry of the Environment)