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Survey on Labour Disputes 2013

Digest of the Summary Report


"Total disputes" improves on the record low , with 507 cases


 21-Aug-2014 The results of the "Survey on Labour Disputes, 2013" have now been tabulated and released by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
 The "Survey on Labour Disputes" is conducted to survey and identify the actual situation relating to labour disputes in Japan such as the nature of the action, number of participants and demands. The survey divides labour disputes into two broad categories, "disputes involving industrial action," where a dispute arising between a labour union or group of workers and a counterparty results in industrial action such as a strike, and "disputes with no industrial action," where no industrial action is involved and a third party such as a labour relations commission participates in the resolution. And the sum of these two categories is "total disputes".


[Key Survey Results]

1  Total disputes

There were 507 cases of "total disputes" (596 cases for the previous year), a reduction for the fourth consecutive year, and a record low since 1957 where comparable data is available.

Table 1(PDF:19KB), Figure 1(PDF:26KB), Annex Table(PDF:26KB)


2  Disputes accompanied by acts of dispute

(1)The number of cases decreased overall compared to the previous year, while total participants and active participants increased.
Number of cases 71 cases (previously 79 cases)
Total participants 52,350 persons (previously 50,190 persons)
Active participants 12,910persons (previously 12,361 persons)

(2)The number of strikes for half a day or more decreased compared to the previous year, while active participants and working days lost increased.
Number of cases 31 cases (previously 38 cases)
Active participants 1,683 persons (previously 1,233 persons)
Working days lost 7,035days (previously 3,839days)

Table 1(PDF:19KB), Table 2(PDF:19KB), Annex Table(PDF:26KB)


3  Main demands

The main demands involved in disputes (multiple answers) were firstly matters relating to "wages" (228 cases, previously 268 cases), "management, employment, personnel" (173 cases, previously 241 cases), and "union security and collective agreements" (145 cases, previously 175 cases).

Table 6(PDF:21KB)


4 Resolution of labour disputes

395 cases of labour disputes were resolved within 2013 (including those deemed to be resolved (see notes below)) (previously 520 cases). As a part of 92 cases were resolved by "direct negotiation between labour and management" (previously 96 cases), and 145 cases were resolved with the participation of a third party (previously 209 cases).

Table 7(PDF:54KB)


Note: "deemed to be resolved" includes such labour disputes that a labour relations commission makes a petition for relief regarding unfair labour practices, labour disputes with no means of resolution between the labour and management parties (this includes for example, supporting or political strikes), and labour disputes where the facts of resolution have not been identified.


See attached summary report for more details.


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