Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Overview Report of Vital Statistics in FY 2005:
Occupational and Industrial Aspects

Outline of Survey(PDF:53KB)

Summary of Results

1. Natality(PDF:266KB)

2. Mortality(PDF:275KB)

3. Foetal and perinatal mortality(PDF:266KB)

4. Marriages(PDF:266KB)

5. Divorces(PDF:266KB)

Statistical Tables

Table 1. Indexes of Vital Statistics (Numbers) by Employment Status in Each Prefecture(PDF:81KB)

Table 2. Indexes of Vital Statistics (Rates) by Employment Status and Average Ages of Mothers in Each Prefecture(PDF:59KB)

Description of Terms(PDF:57KB)


Notes for Use

1. Symbols used in tables

Symbols used in tables

2. Figures indicated in tables are rounded, and therefore the sum of sub totals may not agree with the overall total.

3. Persons aged below 15 are excluded from figures for live births, deaths and foetal deaths.
However, persons whose ages are not stated are included in the figures, because the exclusion of ages below 15 is not possible.

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