Outline of the Sixth Longitudinal Survey of Babies in 21st Century

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Terms and Definitions

(1)Sibling composition

The composition of elder and younger siblings who live with the surveyed child

If the surveyed child is one of twins or triplets, and does not have other siblings, he/she is categorized in the group of “elder sibling(s) only.”

If the surveyed child has siblings whose ages are unknown, such siblings are categorized as “elder siblings” if they have been counted since the 1st survey.

Only child The surveyed child only
Younger sibling(s) only The surveyed child plus younger brother(s) and/or sister(s)
Elder sibling(s) only The surveyed child plus elder brother(s) and/or sister(s)
Both elder and younger siblings The surveyed child plus elder brother(s) and/or sister(s) and
younger brother(s) and/or sister(s)

(2) Caregivers

Usual caregivers

Those who take care of the subject child on a daily basis, regardless of the number of hours

Nurses, etc. at nursery schools Includes nurses at authorized and unauthorized (e.g. baby
hotels) nursery facilities
Nursery mothers A collective name for those authorized by local governments, in
order to take care of a small number of infants at home. Also
“home welfare workers” and “nursery rooms at home”
Baby sitters Those who take care of infants at the infants’ homes
Nurses, etc. Incl. “Nurses, etc. at nursery schools,” “Nursery mothers”
and/or “Baby sitters”

(3) Employed (including those taking childcare leave or other leave)

1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th surveys:
Total number of employees (full-time), employees (part-time), self-employed workers, family workers, pieceworkers at home, and others

3rd survey:
Those engaged in work with income, or with the intention of receiving income

(4) Unemployed

Total number of homemakers (full-time), unemployed persons, and students

(5) Attitude toward Child Rearing (satisfaction from child rearing, etc.)

“Satisfaction from child rearing” and “burdens and worries about child rearing” are in regard to the surveyed children.

(6) Child-Rearing Expenditures

Expenditures for the surveyed children for a period of one month; in July 2006 for those who were born in January and in January 2007 for those who were born in July

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