Outline of the Sixth Longitudinal Survey of Babies in 21st Century

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


List of Survey Items

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Family members living together
Visits to grandparents’ houses          
Sensitivity to the dwelling          
Moving and extension to houses          
Dwelling type          
Housing environment          
Status of pets          
About parents            
  Changes from birth to the present          
Employment status  
Company size          
Status of leave of absence due to child care          
Wakeup time and bedtime          
Working hours    
Commuting time          
Time to return home          
Mothers' absence from home due to
employment reasons
Fathers' absence from home due to
employment reasons
Educational background          
Division of childcare and household chores      
Fathers on their day off          
Eating habits          
Way to have contact with children          
Time spent with children        
Monthly child-rearing expenditure
Monthly child-care fee and tuition fee  
Expenses for paid lessons          
Burden of child-rearing expenditures          
Particular points of care during child rearing          
Satisfactions from having/rearing the child
Burdens of having/rearing the child
Concerns and worries about child rearing        
Whom to ask for advice about child rearing    
Reason(s) for not asking for advice        
What kind of child you want him/her to become          
Breast milk          
About the child            
  Rules about meals          
Particular points of care at mealtime          
Particular points of care concerning health          
Eating behaviors          
Concerns about eating behaviors        
Rules on giving snacks          
Discipline status          
Response to bad behavior          
Wakeup time    
Breakfast time          
Lunch time          
Snack time          
Dinner time          
Nap status        
Bathing status          
Attendance at nursery school/kindergarten          
Living behaviors          
Playmate (frequency of play)          
Favorite play        
Usual play areas          
Play areas (frequency of play)          
Worry about play areas          
Particular points of care concerning
children's play
Friends of similar age in the neighborhood
to play with
Playing with other children          
Worry about the relationship with friends          
Hours spent watching TV    
Watching TV          
Hours playing computer games      
Children’s way to have contact          
Things the child could do presently          
Children's behaviors (adaptation to
communal life)
Illnesses and injuries  
Height and weight  

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