Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Outline of the Sixth Longitudinal Survey
of Babies in 21st Century

Longitudinal Survey Office,
Social Statistics Division
Statistics and Information Department,
Minister’s Secretariat


Summary of the Survey Results
1.Family Status

(1) Sibling Composition

(2) Caregivers

(3) Employment Status of Mothers

2.Children’s Living Status

(1) Wakeup Time and Bedtime

(2) Playing Behaviors

(3) Lessons

(4) TV

(5) Computer Games

(6) Children’s Ways to Have Contact

(7) Children’s Behaviors

(8) Help by Children

(9) Illnesses and Injuries

3. Attitude toward Child Rearing

(1) Parents’ Way to Have Contact with Children

(2) Particular Points of Care at Mealtime

(3) Satisfaction from Child Rearing

(4) Burdens and Worries concerning Child Rearing

(5) Child-Rearing Expenditures

Terms and Definitions
List of Survey Items

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