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IX. The Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance System

A. Covered Undertakings
B. Benefits
C. Labor Welfare Services

The Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance System is a system under which insurance benefits are granted in case a worker suffers from an accident while on duty ("employment injury") or during commutation ("commutation injury"). The System also promotes a return to society and other labor welfare services.

A. Covered Undertakings

In principle, the Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance is applicable to all of the enterprises employing workers in Japan. Also, employers of smaller enterprises, self-employed persons and workers dispatched overseas can enter the system as "specially insured persons."

B. Benefits

1. Medical compensation benefit (medical benefit)
Supply of medical care or medical care expenses
2. Temporary disability compensation benefit (temporary disability benefit)
60%of the average basic daily benefit, in principle
3. Injury & disease compensation pension (injury and disease pension)
Pension of an amount equivalent to 245-313 days of basic daily benefit
4. Physical disability compensation benefit (physical handicaps benefit)
Pension of an amount equivalent to 131-313 days of basic daily benefit or a lump-sum of the amount equivalent to 56-503 days or the basic daily benefit
5. Care compensation benefit (dependent care benefit)
Amount spent on family care costs (maximum amount: 108,000 a month for constant care and 54,000 a month for temporary care) or a fixed amount
6. Survivors compensation benefit (survivors benefit)
Pension equivalent to 153-245 days of the basic daily benefit, or a lump-sum equivalent to 1,000 days of the basic daily benefit
7. Expenses for funeral rites (funeral rites benefit)
The larger of 305,000 plus 30 days of the basic daily benefit, or 60 days of the basic daily benefit
In addition to the benefits enumerated above, temporary disability special supplement, physical disability special supplement, survivors special supplement, injury and disease special supplement and bonus special supplement are granted according to their respective conditions.
      With respect to lump sums and pensions, the basic daily benefit amount is revised each year in response to the rate of change in the wage level. For the temporary disability compensation benefit and the temporary disability benefit, the average daily wage is revised when the wage level has changed by more than 10% (the extent of revisions depends on the rate of change in the wage level).

C. Labor Welfare Services

We are engaged in the following activities as labor welfare services:
1. Services to promote a return to society
Establishment, operation of employment injury hospitals (39); provision of artificial limbs and other equipment, etc.
2. Services for assisting labor accident victims, etc.
Provision of special supplement, scholarship for survivors, etc.
3. Services to ensure safety and health
Accident prevention measures and promotion of industrial medical science
4. Undertaking to secure appropriate working conditions
Reimbursement for unpaid wages and assistance for Workers' Property Accumulation Promotion System

The Insitiute of Speicial Nursing for Injured Workers
"Care-Plaza Kure"
Bathing Facility at the Institute of Special Nursing for Injured
Workers "Cafe-Plaza Uto"

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