Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Medical Care

Policy Information

・Regenerative Medicine(PDF:969KB) 

・Outline of Clinical Training System for Medical Practitioners(PDF:1,003KB) 

・Outline of Training System for Nurses Pertaining to Specified Acts(PDF:190KB) 

Information on Hospitals/Clinics

・“Investigative Commission for the Mid-Term Review of the New 5 Yearly Clinical Trial Activation Plan” Report (January 19, 2010)(English:863KB)(Japanese)

・Guidelines on clinical research using human stem cells (July 3, 2006 (amended in full, November 1, 2010))(English:221KB)(Japanese)

・Overview of the Amendatory Law to the Related Acts for Securing Comprehensive Medical and Long-Term Care in the Community(PDF:613KB) 

Patient Safety Global Ministerial Summit 2018 

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