Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare



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Part 1.
  Roles of Labour Relations Commissions in Japan’s Labour-Management Relations
I. Trend of Labour Relations Adjustment Cases (1(PDF:1,924KB), 2(PDF:2,087KB), 3-5(PDF:175KB), All(PDF:4,191KB))
II. Trend of Examination Process (1-3(PDF:158KB), 4(PDF:2,179KB), All(PDF:2,341KB))
III. Statistics (Number of cases) (PDF:176KB)
IV. Chronological Table on Labour Relations Commissions (1-4(PDF:193KB), 4(PDF:1,685KB), All(PDF:1,881KB))

Part 2.
  Outline of Discussions at the General Assembly of National Labour Relations Commissions Liaison Council to Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Establishing the Labour Relations Commission Scheme
I. Schedule for the 60th NLRCLC General Assembly to Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Labour Relations Commission Scheme
II. Memorial Lecture: “Labour Relations Commission Scheme and Japan’s Labour-Management Relations”
(1-6(PDF:219KB), 7(PDF:2,308KB, All (including I) (PDF:2,549KB))
III. Outline of Panel Discussion “Future Outlook of Labour Relations Commissions” (1-5(PDF:166KB), 6(PDF:990KB), All(PDF:1,158KB))

Part 3.
  Outline of Japan’s Labour Relations Commission Scheme (1(PDF:2,235KB), 2(PDF:103KB), 3(PDF:2,132KB), 4-8(PDF:175KB), 9(PDF:871KB), All(PDF:5,445KB))