White Paper on Labour

The Rapidly Changing Labour Market
and New Job Creation


Ministry of Labour


Part I Trends and Features of the Labour Economy in 1998
Chapter 1 Trends in Employment and Unemployment
Chapter 2  Trends in Wages, Working Hours, and Worker Health and Safety
Chapter 3 Trends in Prices and Workers' Household Expenditures
Chapter 4 Trends in Industrial Relations
Part II The Rapidly Changing Labour Market and New Job Creation
Chapter 1 The Labour Market Situation
Section 1  The Unemployment Situation and Social Costs
Section 2  Structural Changes in the Labour Market and Background
Section 3  Economic Fluctuations and Employment
Chapter 2 Job Creation
Section 1  Changes in Employment Structure
Section 2  The State of Job Creation
Section 3  Features of Fields with Growing Employment and Related Issues
Chapter 3 Converting the Employment Structure
Section 1  Smooth Conversion of the Employment Structure
Section 2  Expansion of Employment Strategies
Section 3  Challenges for the future

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