10        For Better Labor Relations    

II.Settlement of labor-management disputes

As disputes in industrial relations bring substantial losses not only to the parties concerned but also to society in general, it is best to head off or settle such disputes as soon as possible in a peaceful way.
      In order to ensure that fully dialogue can take place between labor and management at any time, and relations of mutual confidence can be built up, the Ministry of Labour has been doing its best to fully publicize industrial relations laws, and provide necessary guidance about them.
      Once a dispute has occurred, it is desirable to have it voluntarily settled by the labor and management sides concerned.In actual practice, however, there are cases that cannot be settled by labor and management alone.Therefore the Labour Relations Commission has been established as a fair and impartial third party, to carry out conciliation, mediation or arbitration, upon receiving a request for such action from the parties concerned.The Trade Union Law prohibits employers' control or interference in the formation and operation of trade unions, as an unfair labor practice.The Labour Relations Commission, upon receiving a request for remedy of an unfair labor practice from a trade union, examines the case, and if it recognizes that there has been an unfair labor practice, it issues a remedial order in line with the contents of the request.

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