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福島 昭治 日本バイオアッセイ研究センター
Fukushima, S., Gi,M., Kakehashi, A., Wanibuchi, H., Matsumoto,M.,: Qualitative and quantitative approaches in the dose-response assessment of genotoxic carcinogens. Mutagenesis, 1-6 2015.
永井 良三 自治医科大学・学長
(1)Kai H, Kohro T, Fukuda K, Yamazaki T, Nagai R.
Impact of systolic blood pressure on hemorrhagic stroke in patients with coronary artery disease during anti-platelet therapy: The Japanese Coronary Artery Disease (JCAD) study.
Int J Cardiol. 2016 Dec 1;224:112-113. doi: 10.1016/j.ijcard.2016.09.004.
(2) Nakaya T, Nagai R et al. KLF5 regulates the integrity and oncogenicity of intestinal stem cells. Cancer Res. 2014; 74: 2882-91.
(3) Fujiu K, Nagai R et al. A heart-brain-kidney network controls adaptation to cardiac stress through tissue macrophage activation and cellular communication. Nat Med 2017, 23:611-622.
早川 堯夫 近畿大学薬学総合研究所・所長
遺伝子組換え食品等の安全性評価(Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Foods)、早川堯夫、食品衛生化学会誌(J. Food Hyg. Soc. Japan)、46, J-286〜J-288(2005)
感染性物質概論、早川堯夫、福永悟史、バイオ医薬品の開発と品質・安全性確保(早川堯夫監修、エル・アイ・シー出版),pp.125-150 (2007)
Overview: Core Technical Elements for Early Product Development, Evaluation, and Control of Human Cell-based Products. Takao Hayakawa, Biologicals, 43(5), 410-415 (2015)
高坂新一 国立精神・神経医療研究センター神経研究所 
Hayashi Y, Morinaga S, Zhang J, Satoh Y, Meredith AL, Nakata T, Wu Z, Kohsaka S, Inoue K, Nakanishi H.:
BK channels in microglia are required for morphine-induced hyperalgesia.
Nat Commun. 2016 May 31;7: 11697.
Mathews A, Ohsawa K, Buckland ME, Kesavadas C, Ratheesan K, Kusumakumary P, Burger PC, Kohsaka S, Graeber MB.:
Microglioma in a child - a further case in support of the microglioma entity and distinction from histiocytic sarcoma.
Clin Neuropathol. 35(5):302-13, 2016
Nakajima K, Kanamatsu T, Koshimoto M, Kohsaka S.:
Microglia derived from the axotomized adult rat facial nucleus uptake glutamate and metabolize it to glutamine in vitro.
Neurochem Int.102:1-12, 2017
吉川 泰弘 千葉科学大学危機管理学部 教授
Detection of Campylobacter jejuni in rectal swab samples from Rousettus amplexicaudatus in the Philippines. Hatta Y, Omatsu T, Tsuchiaka S, Katayama Y, Taniguchi S, Masangkay JS, Puentespina R Jr, Eres E, Cosico E, Une Y, Yoshikawa Y, Maeda K, Kyuwa S, Mizutani T, J Vet Med Sci. 78(8):1347-1350 (2016).
pp.142-207、「科学不信の時代を問う」合同出版 (2016).

一色 賢司 (一財)日本食品分析センター学術顧問、北海道大学名誉教授
「意図的食品汚染と食品衛生」一色賢司、食品衛生学雑誌、56(2),j25-30 (2015)
大野 泰雄 木原記念横浜生命科学振興財団 理事長
Saito K, Ohno Y, Saito Y. Enrichment of resolving power improves ion-peak quantification on a lipidomics platform. J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. 2017 Jun 15;1055-1056:20-28.
Ohno, Y. et al.: First phase inter-laboratory validation of in vitro eye irritation tests for cosmetic ingredients: (1) Over view, organization, and results of the validation study. Alternatives to Animal Testing and Experimentation 3, 123-136, 1995.
林 裕造、大野泰雄編集:食品衛生ハンドブック, 大野泰雄編集、丸善(2010), 分担項目 p31-37:物質科学における安全性評価の考え方. p74-82:体内動態の解析と評価.
廣田 良夫 保健医療経営大学 学長
Rate of eating in early life is positively associated with current and later BMI among young Japanese children: the Osaka Maternal and Child Health Study. Okubo H, Miyake Y, Sasaki S, Tanaka K, Hirota Y. Nutrition Research 37: 20-28, 2017.
Feeding practices in early life and later intake of fruit and vegetables among Japanese toddlers: the Osaka Maternal and Child Health Study. Okubo H, Miyake Y, Sasaki S, Tanaka K, Hirota Y.
Public Health Nutrition 19: 650-657, 2016.
Pre-Illness Isoflavone Consumption and Disease Risk of Ulcerative Colitis: A Multicenter Case-Control Study in Japan. Ohfuji S, Fukushima W, Watanabe K, Sasaki S, Yamagami H, Nagahori M, Watanabe M, Hirota Y, for the Japanese Case-Control Study Group for Ulcerative Colitis. PLoS One. 2014 Oct 14;9(10):e110270. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0110270. eCollection 2014
那須 民江 中部大学生命健康科学部教授
Combination of Hypertension Along with a High Fat and Cholesterol Diet Induces Severe Hepatic Inflammation in Rats via a Signaling Network Comprising NF-κB, MAPK, and Nrf2 Pathways. Yuan Y, Naito H, Jia X, Kitamori K, Nakajima T. Nutrients 9(9):1018-34, 2017.
Efficacy of dietary lipid control in healing high-fat and high-cholesterol diet-induced fibrotic steatohepatitis in rats. Tamada H, Naito H, Kitamori K, Hayashi Y, Yamagishi N, Kato M, Nakajima T. PLoS One 11(1):e0145939, 2016.
Association of maternal whole blood fatty acid status during the prenatal period with term birth dimensions: a cross-sectional study. Jia X, Tagawa M, Yatsuya H, Naito H, Hayashi Y, Yetti H, Sasaki S, Araki A, Miyashita C, Ikeno T, Kishi R, Nakajima T. J Perinat Med 43(5):565-75, 2015.
品川邦汎 岩手大学 名誉教授
財団法人 日本食肉消費総合センター.pp.6-13,2.015.
食肉の衛生基準、衛生管理の進め方、食肉の検査、家畜の病気、食肉と食中毒.(焼肉料理の調理・接遇サービス技法): 品川邦汎 ・ 事業協同組合 全国焼肉協会.pp.138-149,2016.
ジビエの安全性確保に関するガイドライン.(One World One Health 人、家畜、野生動物そして環境 それぞれの「健康」は1つにつながっています) : 品川国汎・公益財団法人 日本食肉消費総合センター.pp.46-53.,2016.
名取 道也 特定非営利活動法人小児臨床研究支援ネットワーク理事長
Incidence of human papillomavirus contamination of transvaginal probes in Japan and possible contamination prevention strategy. Tomoyuki Kuwata, Hironori Takahashi, Harumi Koibuchi, Kiyotake Ichizuka, Michiya Natori, Shigeki Matsubara J Med Ultrasonics. 2016 DOI 10.1007/s10396-016-0722-0.
分担執筆 超音波胎児病学(竹内 久彌編),南江堂,東京,2009.12.
Natori M; Ultrasound safety: overview and what we do need in daily clinics for a safe use of diagnostic ultrsound.
Post-Congress Meeting Symposia”The Bioeffect and Safety of Ultrasound”, AFSUMB2004
若林敬二 静岡県立大学 特任教授
Wakabayashi, K., Nagao, M., Esumi, H. and Sugimura, T. Food-derived mutagens and carcinogens. Cancer Res. (Suppl.), 52: 2092s-98s (1992).
Ohe, T., Watanabe, T. and Wakabayashi, K. Mutagens in surface waters: a review. Mutat. Res., 567(2-3):109-49 (2004).
Mutoh, M., Teraoka, N., Takasu, S., Takahashi, M., Onuma, K., Yamamoto, M., Kubota, N., Iseki, T., Kadowaki, T., Sugimura, T. and Wakabayashi, K. Loss of adiponectin promotes intestinal carcinogenesis in Min and wild-type mice. Gastroenterology, 140(7):2000-8 (2011).
米谷 民雄 国立医薬品食品衛生研究所・名誉所員
「食品中の微量元素−必須元素から放射性核種まで−」米谷民雄編著, 日本食品衛生協会,(2013).
「農薬等のポジティブリスト制度の告示およびその後の対応と海外の動き」米谷民雄, 食品衛生学雑誌(日本食品衛生学会), 48(6), J-402-410, (2007).
「残留農薬等ポジティブリスト制度施行に向けた試験法開発にあたって」米谷民雄, 食品衛生研究(日本食品衛生協会), 56(4), 7-12, (2006).
田嶼 尚子 東京慈恵会医科大学 名誉教授
A large-scale, observational study to investigate the current status of diabetes complications and their prevention in Japan: research outline and baseline data for type 2 diabetes-JDCP study 1, Tajima N, Nishimura R, Ueki K, et al. For the Diabetes Registry Configuration Committee, the Japanese Diabetes Society. Diabetology International. 2015; 6(4); 243-51
Causes of death in patients with childhood-onset type 1 diabetes receiving dialysis in Japan: Diabetes Epidemiology Research International (DERI) Mortality Study. Onda Y, Nishimura R, Tajima N, et al. Diabetes Epidemiology Research International (DERI) Mortality Study Group. J Diabetes Complications.2015; 27(7); 903-7
Impact of patient attitudes and beliefs to insulin therapy upon initiation, and their attitudinal changes after initiation: the DAWN JAPAN study. Odawara M,Ishii H, Tajima N, Iwamoto Y. Current Medical Research and Opinion.2016 Jan; 32(4); 681-686

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