Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Examples of Leading Activities of Private Companies in the Fields of Health, Labour and Welfare
(Employment of Persons with Disabilities)

■ Name of Company: Fujisoft Kikaku Ltd.

■ Key Points of Activities: Promotion of the employment of disabled people utilizing the special-purpose subsidiary system

The Fujisoft Kikaku Ltd. established a special subsidiary, and expanded the employment of disabled people by reviewing its internal company system and working environment and setting up work procedures and support systems taking into consideration of various disability traits .

The company received the Minister Award in Good Practices of the Employment of Persons with Disabilities and the Improvement of Workplace Environment for Fiscal Year 2011, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) (※).

※ MHLW collectes good practices in the improvement of the employment management and environment in offices who hire disabled people to give awards to outstanding cases that serve as models for other offices. Through the award system, MHLW widely publicizes good practices to the general public and seeks to promote disabled people's employment in companies, the expansion of the scopes of their jobs, and their job retention. MHLW thus aims at enhancing the understanding of the employment of disabled people.
(In fiscal year 2011 the subject of good practices advertised was the promotion of employment and job retention of persons with developmental disabilities.)

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