Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Pandemic Influenza and Avian Influenza

Pandemic influenza  (日本語)

1    Introduction

2    Guideline for Quarantine System of Pandemic Influenza

3    Guideline for the Surveillance of Pandemic Influenza (From Phase 4 Onwards)

4    Guideline for Proactive Epidemiological Research of Pandemic Influenza (Pandemic Phases 4 to 6)

5    Guideline for Rapid Response Strategies during the Early Stages of Pandemic Influenza

6    Guideline for Medical Response

7    Guideline for Infection Prevention at Medical Facilities

8    Laboratory Guideline for Pandemic Influenza Diagnosis at Medical Institutions

9    Vaccination Guideline for Pandemic Influenza

10  Guideline for Antiviral Drugs

11  Guideline for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness at Business Entities and Establishments

12  Guideline for Infection Prevention of Individuals, Families Local Communities and Municipalities

13  Guideline for Information Provision and Sharing (Risk Communication)

14  Guideline for Burial and Cremation

15  Glossary

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