Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Schedule 9

  PRSV-YK The recombination gene DNA which develops Bt protein and CpTI protein LLRICE601 Rapeseed
RT73 B. Rapa
Papaya and its products (limited to dried ones) 119      
Rice and its products*   299    
Rice except for long-grain rice and its products (unheated and made mostly from rice)     US: 59  
Rapeseed and its products       5

*: Regarding rice products from China (unheated or low-temperature heat-treated products made mostly from rice, such as rice flour, rice noodles, and beanstarch vermicelli), importers are instructed under Notice No. 0730002 of the Office of Import Food Safety, dated July 30, 2007, to conduct voluntary inspections upon importation.

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