Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Schedule 1

Food type Category of inspection items*1 Number of inspection specimens Total number of Inspection specimens
Livestock foods
Beef, pork, chicken, horse meat, poultry meat, and other meats
Antibacterial substances 2,178 7,876
Residual agricultural chemicals 1,879
Standards for constituents 790
Radiation irradiation 29
Removal of SRMs 3,000
Processed livestock foods
Natural cheeses, processed meat products, ice cream, frozen products (meat products), and other products
Antibacterial substances 2,123 7,494
Residual agricultural chemicals 1,074
Additives 1,366
Standards for constituents 2,931
Seafood products
Bivalves, fish, shellfish (shrimps, prawns, crabs) and other products
Antibacterial substances 2,692 6,341
Residual agricultural chemicals 2,663
Additives 177
Standards for constituents 780
Radiation irradiation 29
Processed seafood
Processed fish products (fillet, dried or minced fish, etc.), frozen products (aquatic animals and fish), processed fish roe products, and other products
Antibacterial substances 3,817 13,275
Residual agricultural chemicals 3,192
Additives 1,603
Standards for constituents 4,658
Radiation irradiation 5
Agricultural foods
Vegetables, fruit, wheat, barley, corn, beans, peanuts, nuts, seeds, and other products
Antibacterial substances 1,510 19,561
Residual agricultural chemicals 12,546
Additives 1,074
Standards for constituents 1,570
Mycotoxins 2,388
GMOs 354
Radiation irradiation 119
Processed agricultural foods
Frozen products (processed vegetables), processed vegetable products, processed fruit products, spices, instant noodles, and other products
Antibacterial substances 299 19,845
Residual agricultural chemicals 9,557
Additives 4,101
Standards for constituents 2,413
Mycotoxins 2,923
GMOs 128
Radiation irradiation 424
Other foods
Health foods, soups, flavorings, seasonings, sweets, edible oils, fat, frozen products, and other products
Residual agricultural chemicals 715 6,059
Additives 3,523
Standards for constituents 926
Mycotoxins 895
Drinks and beverages
Mineral water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and other products
Residual agricultural chemicals 358 2,267
Additives 1,015
Standards for constituents 776
Mycotoxins 118
Equipment, containers and packages, Toys
Standards for constituents 2,241 2,241
Foods subject to enhanced inspection*2 Antibacterial substances, residual agricultural chemicals, additives, standards for constituents, mycotoxins, GMOs, radiation irradiation 5,000 5,000
Overall total     89,959
*1: Examples of inspection items
*2: Additional inspections conducted during the implementation of the plan, based on the occurrence of violations and overseas formation at the time of importation.
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