Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Food for Special Dietary Uses (FOSDU)
FOSDU refers to food that are approved/permitted to display that the food is appropriate for special dietary uses.

Seal for FOSDU Approval
Seal for approved FOSDU

Categories of FOSDU: There are five categories of FOSDU.
  (1)   Medical foods for the ill
<Single Food>
  -   low-sodium foods
  -   low-calorie foods
  -   low-protein foods
  -   no/low-protein and high-calorie foods
  -   high-protein foods
  -   allergen-removed foods
  -   lactose-free foods
<Packed Meals>: meals prepared for one serving, consisting of several foods
  -   sodium-reduced meals
  -   meals for diabetes
  -   meals for liver disease
  -   meals for adult obesity
  (2)   Formulas for pregnant or lactating women
  (3)   Infant Formulas
  (4)   Foods for the elderly with difficulty in masticating or swallowing
 -   Foods for people with difficulty in masticating
 -   Foods for people with difficulty in both masticating and swallowing
  (5)   Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)

When a food is intended to display special dietary uses mentioned above, permission or approval is required from the MHLW (under the Health Promotion Law, Article 26).
  1. Standard Regulation System:
the compatibility with the standard is assessed.
  -   Medical foods for the ill (Single food and Packed Meals)
  -   Formulas for pregnant of lactating women
  -   Infant Formulas
  -   Foods for the elderly
  2. Individual Approval System:
  -   Medical foods for the ill
  -   FOSHU

Requirement in Labeling
FOSDU must be labeled with information, given below, as prescribed in the Ministerial Ordinance under the Health Promotion Law
 •   Product name
 •   Use by date or date of minimum durability
 •   Methods to preserve
 •   Name and address of manufacturer
 •   Specified permission/approval mark
 •   Permitted/Approved phrase for display
 •   Amount of nutrient (including energy value) in the food
 •   Name of food stuff and food additives
 •   Instruction for consumption, preparation, and preservation if necessary
 •   Name of approved body and its address, in a case manufacturer if different from those who were approved