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5. The development of the long-term care system until now and future issues

(1) Development until now

1) Nov. 1999@'Special measures for the smooth implementation of the long-term care insurance system'
  • Special measures for insurance premiums of the elderly, etc.
2) Apr. 2000The Long-term care insurance law was enforced.
  • Indications that the short-stay service is hard to use because of the limits of usage. (Enforced 'replacement' of home-visit outpatient services with short-stay services)
  • At first, it started as a provisional care plan.
  • Indications regarding the evaluation of senile elderly persons in primary screening(screening by computer) of long-term care requirement certification.
3) Sep. 2000'Improvement measures for the fixation of the long-term care insurance system' (Agreed by the three government parties)
  • The ideal way of home-visit long-term care (Within the range of housework assistance as insurance benefits)
  • Short stay service (Unification of limits of benefit payments with home-visit outpatient service)
  • Measures for persons with low income (Reduction of user's cost sharing by social welfare foundations)
  • Adjustment of the foundation for long-term care
  • Improvement in the nature of care managers
4) Oct. 2000Receipt of 50% of insurance premiums by elderly persons begins
  • Rate of receipt 98.6% (premiums for FY 2000)
5) Oct. 2001Receipt of original amount of insurance premiums by elderly persons begins

(2) Future issues and schedule

@1) Improvement of the Quality of Long-term care services

@2) Preparation of the basis for provision of long-term care services

@3) Preparation for the second-stage planning for long-term care service from FY2003

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