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Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

In Focus: Radiation Protection at Works Relating to TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Press release

17 February 2012
Industrial Health division
Occupational Safety and Health Department
Labour Standards Bureau

Instructional movies were produced for assisting practical training in the special education on decontamination works.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) has produced, and will start releasing today, instructional movies for assisting the implementation of the special education mandated to employers to conduct decontamination works. “Ordinance on Prevention of Ionizing Radiation Hazards at Works to Decontaminate Soil and Wastes Contaminated by Radioactive Materials Resulting from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Related Works” (hereafter referred to as the Ionizing Radiation Ordinance for Decontamination) was put into effect on 1 January 2012 mandating employers to conduct decontamination to provide special education (lectures and practical skills, note1,2) before implementing activities such as decontamination works.

Therefore, instructional movies that discuss and illustrate key practices required for decontamination works, such as how to handle measurement instruments and how to wear protective clothes were produced with cooperation of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences. The movies consist of 23 titles (see Attachment for titles), which are available from the MHLW website ( *). They can be downloaded with a personal computer. They can be used as a support for special education, or self-directed learning for the students. The contents are shown below:

* You can visit the website by clicking on the banner on the middle right side, on the top page of the MHLW website.

< Contents of the instructional movies >

  1. Introduction (1 movie)
  2. How to use radiation measurement instruments (7 movies)
  3. Contamination prevention measures (2 movies)
  4. How to wear a dust mask (3 movies)
  5. How to wear protective clothes (3 movies)
  6. Contamination inspection (3 movies)
  7. Screening inspection of internal exposure (3 movies)
  8. Conclusion (1 movie)

Total 23 movies, 36 minutes

Note 1: Special education mandated in Article 19 of the Ionizing Radiation Ordinance for Decontamination includes 4 hours of lecture and 1.5 hours of practical skill training. The practical skill training is required to provide two practices shown below in each field, in addition to the instructional movie.

  1. Work involving decontamination of soil or collection of removed soil and contaminated waste
  2. Handling of machines to be used in work involving decontamination of soil or collection of removed soil and contaminated waste

Note 2: Reference textbooks to be used in the lecture have been available on the MHLW web site.

  • Annex PDF 408KB
  • List of special instructional movies for decontamination work (YouTube)
  • Standard textbook of lectures