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OECD Ministerial Meetings on Social Policy


Since 1988, OECD has, in general, convened the Ministerial Meeting on Social Policy every 5 years. The theme of the Ministerial Meeting in May 2011, attended by many ministerial-level representatives from Member Countries, was “Building a Fairer Future: The Role of Social Policy.” Agreements reached at the May 2011 Meeting included:

  1. Well-designed social policies contribute to long-term sustainable growth and limit the social and economic effects of the crisis. We should avoid a too-narrow focus on short-term expenditures only and also take into account the future benefits of social protection.
  2. Given the serious public finance constraints facing most OECD countries today, Determined measures on both the social spending and the revenue sides are necessary to achieve an appropriate balance between social objectives and fiscal sustainability.
  3. Investing in children’s well-being, including early childhood education and care, should start as early as possible and the costs should be shared fairly among all actors in society, including all levels of governments, employers and individuals.
  4. Most countries are strengthening their formal long-term care systems. Some countries are taking innovative approaches to elderly care through integrated care services at the local level, combining healthcare, preventive, long-term care, housing and support for daily life activities enabling independent living. We want to share such experiences and learn from each other.

Final Communiqué (an official statement adopted at diplomatic conferences) has been issued, as an outcome of the Meeting.

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