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Global Dementia Legacy Event Japan

◎Introduction of advanced cases in Japan 
A feature story focusing on improvements in care for a person living with dementia in Japan is presented in the following URL.
kyoto:Uji-shi(whole remark)(PDF:498KB)

◎The Global Dementia Legacy Event Japan was held
The Global Dementia Legacy Event Japan was held at Roppongi Academy Hills from November 5th to 7th. Over 300 delegates from more than ten nations attended and productive discussion on “New Care and Prevention Models” was held.

Japanese Prime Minister Sinzo Abe had a remark at opening of the Event on November 6th. In this remark, the Prime Minister asked Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare Yasuhisa Shiozaki to formulate a new policy program to accelerate measures for dementia.(whole remark)

Japanese Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare Yasuhisa Shiozaki made a closing remark and showed the outline of three foundational pillars of new plan. (whole remark .English:PDF 106KB,Japanese:PDF141KB)

Director General of MHLW Koji Miura presented a wrap-up of the Event. (presentation slide) (PDF:769KB)

In addition, Ms. Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons, United Nations made a message to our Legacy Event.(whole message) (move to the outside homepage)

You can watch videos of the Global Dementia Legacy Event Japan on You Tube. Link

Also some presentation slides are available on NCGG special site(move to the outside homepage).

◎About Global Dementia Legacy Event Japan

The G8 dementia summit was held in London on 11 December 2013 to tackle dementia. Dementia is the worldwide issue which each nation should cope with in collaboration with each other.
In this November, Japan will host the one of four legacy events succeeded to the G8 summit.
Details of this event are shown as below.

1 Schedule

○The event will take place in Roppongi,Tokyo,Japan on 5-7 November 2014. (2 days meeting and 1 day excursion).

Day1 Subspecialty meeting
Day2 Main conference
Day3 Excursion(three sites are scheduled)

Tokyo:Social welfare Foundation Yokufukai Tokyo Dementia Care Research and Training Center

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Aichi:National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology

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Kyoto :Uji-shi

2 Themes

“New care and prevention models”

The details of the event will be available on the special website of the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology.

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3 The sessions become available on USTREAM.

5th,November, 2014:Global Dementia Legacy Event Japan(Location:Auditorium)

5th,November, 2014:Global Dementia Legacy Event Japan(Location:Sky Studio)

6th,November, 2014:Global Dementia Legacy Event Japan(Location:Tower Hall)

Nov. 5th (Day1):Auditorium
Scheduled Opening Time
(Tokyo Time)
9:30 am Welcome Addresses
10:00 am Session 0
The Challenges of Dementia: From Participating Countries
1:30 pm Session 1
Dementia Prevention and Care: Providing Timely and Appropriate Support
3:30 pm Session-3
Living Well with Dementia in the Community
Nov. 5th (Day1):Sky Studio
Scheduled Opening Time
(Tokyo Time)
1:30 pm Session 2
Scientific Aspects of Dementia Prevention and Care
3:30 pm Session 4
Enhance Awareness and Education in the Society
Nov. 6th (Day2):Tower Hall
Scheduled Opening Time
(Tokyo Time)
9:30 am Keynote Address
“Dignity in Dementia: How policy can improve the lives of people with dementia”
10:00 am Topic 1
Dementia in the Community: Timely and appropriate prevention and care
11:30 am Topic 2
Scientific Approach toward Dementia Prevention and Care
2:15 pm Topic 3
Dementia-friendly Community and ICT
3:45 pm Topic 4
Future Initiatives
5:00 pm Closing Addresses

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