Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Health and Welfare Bureau for the Elderly

We are at the Door to the Super Aged Society

By the middle of the 21st Century every one in three Japanese people is expected to reach 65 years old or older. We aim at making this super aged society that no other country in the world had experienced a society where all people can live healthy life comfortably with peace in mind.

Creating a Society for the Future

In the middle of the 21st Century, when every one in three Japanese people is expected to reach 65 years at least, "the elderly" should be playing an active role to help the society. We are making daily effort for creating a society where people can accumulate their proud experiences like rich forest in which trees accumulate tree-rings to record their proud history.

Creating a New Pathway

Currently the issue of nursing care is one of the greatest concerns of the citizens. After many years of struggling efforts, a great project of the century, "Long-term Care Insurance" was commenced in the year of the new millennium. There is no pathway in front of this long-term care insurance. There will be a pathway created behind the insurance system. As a result of this insurance system, employment opportunities will be created for one million people in 5 years from now, and information communication in the society will be advanced. We will propel reform with the key word of "Long-term Care Insurance".

The First Step towards the International Leadership

In the 21st Century, Japan will not be the only nation with a large population of the elderly. Various nations in the world will enter into the "Century of the Aged". Many of those nations are now watching Japan's actions including the effort for the long-term care insurance. In this international age, we will aim at making true international contributions.

Promotion of the Gold Plan 21

In the year 2000 the ratio of the elderly in Japan is expected to reach the highest level in the world, and the Long-term Care Insurance Law will be enacted. All municipalities throughout Japan have created a Health and Welfare Plan for the Elderly and a Long-term Care Insurance Project Plan in a unified manner. Health and welfare measures for the elderly are about to enter into a new phase. In order to respond to this condition, we are promoting the Gold Plan 21, which was formulated with core concepts such as building an image of the elderly with vitality.

Building Prosperous Old-age Communities

Elderly people are often viewed as weak in the society. However, in reality 80 to 90% of the elderly are living without any care or assistance. It is very important that those elderly people maintain their involvement in the society in accordance with their motivation and capability.
For this reason we are organizing the National Health and Welfare Festival for the Elderly (Nenlympics = Tree-Ring Olympics), and supporting the activities to find fulfillment for the elderly and promoting their health including the activities of the Old People's Club.