Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Department of Employment Measures for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities

Strengthening and improving measures to build a society where anyone can work with a sense of security

From a standpoint of "active aging," a comprehensive measure is being implemented to promote the employment of the aged, along with various steps to encourage the employment of the disabled and to ensure its stability.

Realization of a society where one can continue working until the age of 65

With the Japanese population aging rapidly, one out of every five workers is expected to reach 60 years of age until 2010. From a viewpoint of active aging" (aging without losing vitality), it is important to build a society in the future where the elderly can continue working as long as their motivation and abilities permit, regardless of their ages, in order to maintain the vigor of our economic society.
The Employment Measures for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Department is striving to secure stable employment for workers until 65 by raising the mandatory retirement age or introducing a continued employment system, to support and promote outplacement for people of middle and advanced age, and to create jobs of various styles through use of manpower centers for the aged.

Encouraging participation in social activities by the disabled

In order to encourage the disabled to participate in social activities through employment, efforts are being made to improve and strengthen various measures to use the employment rate system aimed at business owners and to promote the employment of the handicapped and stabilize it. (Every September is designated as a month to promote the employment of the disabled.)