Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Industrial Safety and Health Department

Realization of workplace where one can work with a sense of security and in good health

In view of the fact that the number of casualties from labour accidents exceeds 570,000 a year, the Industrial Safety and Health Department is actively working on measures to ensure the safety and health of workers by preventing various on-the-job accidents and promoting their health.

Promotion of on-the job accident prevention measures

With the aging of the working population and the progress of technological innovation, there have been occurring changes in the situations surrounding workers' safety and health.
Total casualties from industrial accidents have been on the decrease, but nearly 570,000 people are still suffering from such accidents annually. Meanwhile, death from overwork has become a big social problem.
Under such circumstances, the Industrial Safety and Health Department is implementing various measures on the basis of the 9th industrial accident prevention plan formulated in fiscal 1998, as required by the law for workers' safety and health.

Promotion of measures to ensure workers' health

It is vital for all workers to be able to keep mentally and physically in good shape and make full use of their abilities. Therefore, business owners are now required by the law to take measures to prevent pneumoconiosis and other job-related diseases such those caused by organic solutions. A total health promotion plan (THP) to "build the sound mind and body" is also being implemented to encourage the investigation of the harmful effects of chemical substances and to systematically and continuously promote health.
Meanwhile, the Industrial Safety and Health Department is helping small-scale businesses with their workers' health control and pushing ahead with the improvement of local industrial health centers and industrial health promotion centers to assist industrial health nurses in their work.
It is also stepping up efforts to help create comfortable workplaces by introducing guidelines for that task because such a work environment leads to the prevention of physical and mental disorders of workers and revitalization of business activity.