Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

February 24, 2023
Director-General for Statistics, Information Policy and Industrial Relations
Employment, Wage and Labour Welfare Statistics Office
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Final Report of Monthly Labour Survey
– December 2022 –

Table Index
Annex-TBL Excel [18KB]
TBL-1 Cash Earnings Excel [20KB]
TBL-2 Hours Worked and Days Worked Excel [19KB]
TBL-3 Regular Employment and Labour Turn Over Excel [20KB]
TBL-T-1 Wage Indices Excel [17KB]
TBL-T-2 Hours Worked Indices Excel [18KB]
TBL-T-3 Employment Indices Excel [17KB]
TBL-T-4 Labour Turn Over Excel [16KB]
TBL-T-5 Real Wage Indices Excel [16KB]
TBL-T-6 Seasonally Adjusted Indices Excel [17KB]

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