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April 25, 2012 revised
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Final Report of Monthly Labour Survey
- January 2012 -

Table Index
Annex-TBLExcel [32KB]
TBL-1 Cash EarningsExcel [29KB]
TBL-2 Hours Worked and Days WorkedExcel [29KB]
TBL-3 Regular Employment and Labour Turn OverExcel [29KB]
TBL-T-1 Wage IndicesExcel [33KB]
TBL-T-2 Hours Worked IndicesExcel [33KB]
TBL-T-3 Employment IndicesExcel [33KB]
TBL-T-4 Labour Turn OverExcel [28KB]
TBL-T-5 Real Wage IndicesExcel [28KB]
TBL-T-6 Seasonally Adjusted IndicesExcel [31KB]

Note) Indices and their Ratios to the Preceding year are revised because of the modification of the gap due to the change of sample establishments of the survey in January 2012.
We revised the data on April 25, 2012.

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