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April 17, 2001

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Final Report of Monthly Labour Survey
- February 2001-

1 Cash Earnings

Average monthly total cash earnings per regular employee in February 2001 were 283,682 yen decreased by 0.5% compared with a year earlier .

Contractual cash earnings were 281,702 yen decreased by 0.5% and scheduled cash earnings were 262,834 yen decreased by 0.6%.

Real wage index was decreased by 0.5%.


2 Hours Worked

Average monthly total hours worked per regular employee in February 2001 were 151.3 hours decreased by 1.1% compared with a year earlier.

Scheduled hours worked were 141.6 hours decreased by 1.2%.

Non-scheduled hours worked in Manufacturing were 14.0 hours increased by 3.6% and its seasonally adjusted figure was decreased by 0.6% from the previous month.


3 Employment

Regular employees in February 2001 were decreased by 0.1% compared with a year earlier, full-time employees were decreased by 1.3%, part-time employees were increased by 4.8%.

Regular employees of major industries were as follows:decreased by 0.9% in Manufacturing, decreased by 1.0% in Wholesale and Retail Trade, Eating and Drinking Places, and increased by 1.8% in Services.


Note) Unless noted specifically, figures correspond to establishments with 5 or more regular employees.
Cash Earnings Total Cash Earnings Contractual
Cash Earnings
Scheduled Non-scheduled Special
Cash Earnings
283,682yen (-0.5) 281,702yen (-0.5) 262,834yen (-0.6) 18,868yen (1.9) 1,980yen (-17.7)
Hours Worked Total Hours Scheduled Non-scheduled Days Worked Non-scheduled
151.3hr. (-1.1) 141.6hr. (-1.2) 9.7hr. (1.0) 19.6days <-0.3> 14.0hr. (3.6)
Regular employment Regular employees Full-time Part-time Accession Rate Separation Rate
43,143tho. (-0.1) 34,093tho. (-1.3) 9,050tho. (4.8) 1.70% <0.08> 1.98% <0.08>

Note) ( ) means "Ratio to the same month of the Preceding year in percentage". < > means "Difference from the same month of the Preceding year".

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