Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Summary of Vital Statistics

All tables and data contained on this page
can be downloaded with the xlsx format.

1. Population, Live births, Deaths, Infant deaths, Neonatal deaths, Natural change, Foetal deaths, Perinatal deaths, Marriages, Divorces (PDF:54KB)  

2. Live birth rates, Death rates, Infant mortality rates, Neonatal mortality rates, Natural change rates, Foetal death rates, Perinatal death rates, Foetal death rates at 22 completed weeks and over of gestation, Early neonatal death rates, Marriage rates, Divorce rates, Total fertility rates (PDF:37KB)  

3. Trends in leading causes of death (PDF:16KB)  

Please refer to this for the detailed statistical table( Portal Site of Offcial Statistics of Japan(e-Stat ))

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