Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Outline of the Ninth Longitudinal Survey
of Newborns in the 21st Century

Longitudinal Survey Office,
Social Statistics Division,
Statistics and Information Department,
Minister’s Secretariat


Overview of the Survey (PDF:308KB)

Summary of the Survey Results

1 Status of the Subjects' Families (PDF:1,521KB)
  1. (1) Employment status of mothers
  2. (2) Employment status of mothers by household composition
  3. (3) Time mothers spend with their child
  4. (4) Burdens and concerns of child rearing
  5. (5) Benefits of child rearing
  6. (6) Expenditure on child rearing
2 Subjects' Daily Life (PDF:585KB)
  1. (1) School-day Bedtime
  2. (2) Lessons
  3. (3) Helping

Terms and Definitions (PDF:69KB)